Activities and Responsibilities

Ad Astra Nicci Price
Add/Drop Front Office, Elizabeth de la Garza, Nicci Price
Application for Graduation Please contact your Degree Planner
BearQuest Curriculum Dawn Khoury, April Edmond
Cancellation and Withdrawals Kyle Yates, Dina Bailey
Catalog (Undergraduate) Dawn Khoury
Certification Letters Jasmine Morgan, Front Office
Class Rolls Dawn Khoury
Classroom Reservations Nicci Price
Commencement Program and Arrangements April Edmond
Degree Audits Kathy Mulkey
Degree Verification Jasmine Morgan, Front Office
Diplomas April Edmond
Equivalency Database Kathy Mulkey
Equivalency Reports Dina Bailey
Final Exams Nicci Price
Grades Lesa Lawson
Name Changes Front Office
Banner Training Dawn Khoury
Reporting Jasmine Morgan, Hannah King
Schedule of Classes Dawn Khoury
Student Reactivation Lesa Lawson
Transfer Credit Elida Garza
Transcripts Peggy Gidney, Ashleigh Bailey
VA Applications and Certifications Jessica Alford
Waitlist Nicci Price
Web Class Listings Dawn Khoury
Website Brenda Khozein























Contact Information

Name Phone Email
Front Office 254.710.1181
Jessica Alford 254.710.8241
Ashleigh Bailey 254.710.8833
Dina Bailey 254.710.8830
Kay Berry 254.710.8813
Elizabeth de la Garza 254.710.8829
April Edmond 254.710.8826
Elida Garza 254.710.8823
Peggy Gidney 254.710.8602
Jonathan Helm 254.710.8824
Anna Kay Hollon-Harris 254.710.8817
Dawn Khoury 254.710.8831
Brenda Khozein 254.710.1059
Hannah King 254.710.8827
Lesa Lawson 254.710.8819
Jasmine Morgan 254.710.8814
Seina Morgan 254.710.8914
Kathy Mulkey 254.710.8818
Nicci Price 254.710.8820
Kyle Yates 254.710.8550