Activities and Responsibilities

Ad Astra Patty Agado
Add/Drop Front Office
Army-Baylor Affiliate Programs Sandra Groves
Athletics Certification Siena Morgan, Kyle Yates
Banner Training April Benson
BearQuest Curriculum April Benson, Dawn Khoury
Cancellation and Withdrawals Ashleigh Bailey, Kyle Yates, Siena Morgan
Catalog (Undergraduate) April Benson, Dawn Khoury
Certification Letters Front Office
Class Rolls Dawn Khoury
Class Offering Changes Patty Agado
Classroom Reservations April Benson
Commencement Program and Arrangements Sandra Groves, April Benson
Degree Audits Grace Ouellette (UG), Braxton Ray (GR), Ashleigh Bailey, Kyle Yates
Degree Verification Front Office
Diplomas Sandra Groves
Equivalency Database Elida Garza
Equivalency Reports Ashleigh Bailey
Final Exams Dawn Khoury
Grades Kyle Yates, Braxton Ray, Ashleigh Bailey
Name Changes Brenda Khozein
Reporting (Ad Hoc) Front Office, Hannah King
Schedule of Classes Dawn Khoury
Student Reactivation Front Office
Transfer Credit Elida Garza
Transcripts Front Office
VA Applications and Certifications Jessica Alford, Debbi Parker, Kyle Yates
Waitlist April Benson
Web Class Listings Dawn Khoury
Website Brenda Khozein

Contact Information

Name Phone Email
Front Office 254.710.1181
Academic Records
Class Requests
Shared Classrooms
Transfer Credit 254.710.8868
VA Benefits 254.710.8870

Staff Contact Information

Name Phone Email
Patty Agado 254.710.8829
Jessica Alford 254.710.8241
Ashleigh Bailey 254.710.8833
April Benson 254.710.8826
Elida Garza 254.710.8823
Sandra Groves 254.710.8204
Jonathan Helm 254.710.8824
Dawn Khoury 254.710.8831
Brenda Khozein 254.710.1059
Hannah King 254.710.8827
Siena Morgan 254.710.8914
Grace Ouellette 254.710.8814
Debbi Parker 254.710.3872
Missy Pennington 254.710.1089
Nicci Price 254.710.8820
Braxton Ray 254.710.8817
Kyle Yates 254.710.8550