VA Chapter 31 - Veteran Readiness and Employment

Student Refunds:

Student refunds are available if you have a credit balance after your financial aid and Veteran's Benefits have been applied to your Baylor student account. If you choose to leave your credit balance on your student account to apply to the next semester's charges, please do not set up direct deposit.


Each semester in order to be financially settled, you must confirm your attendance in BearWeb. This option becomes available when you receive your semester bill. Login to BearWeb then select Student Services & Financial Aid, Cashier, and then Confirm Your Attendance. Be sure to confirm your attendance in BearWeb by the Due Date on your E-Bill.

The Baylor University Cashier's Office will send an invoice to the VA after the 20th class day of the semester to request payment of the VA Chapter 31 funds.

On the first official refund release date of the term (usually Wednesday before classes start), you may email, call, or come in person to request a limited advance on the credit that will be created once the VA Chapter 31 payment is applied to your student account.

After the 20th class day of the semester, you may email or call the Cashier's Office to request an advance on the credit that will remain after tuition and fees have been paid by Chapter 31 funds and other financial aid received.

Each semester there are three refund options:
  1. If you are set up for direct deposit, the Cashier's Office will send the refund directly to the designated bank account. Direct deposit takes two business days to be processed.
  2. You can email or call the Cashier's Office to request a refund check to be mailed to your student home address or student local address listed in BearWeb.
  3. You may request limited cash in person in the Cashier's Office (Baylor ID required).
Important Information:
  • Confirmation of attendance will be required each semester to be financially settled.
  • Limited advances are available upon request to the Cashier's Office if there will be a credit balance on the student account after the Chapter 31 funds are paid.
  • How to set up Direct Deposit for refunds.
  • Direct deposit refunds are not sent automatically by the Cashier's Office until all charges have been paid and there is a true credit balance on the student account created by financial assistance.