Steps for Registration

*Indicates Undergraduate Students Only

  1. Determine your assigned day to register
    • Log in to BearWeb
    • Select Student Academic Services
    • Select Registration
    • Select Registration Status

    **Make sure you are selecting the CORRECT TERM**

    Traditional Undergraduate and Law students will select a Fall, Summer or Spring term (Law also has a Winter Term).
    Trimester, Quarter, and Term 1/Term 2 terms are for graduate professional education programs.

    Note that classifications are based on earned and in-progress credit hours. If you are anticipating the arrival of transfer credits, you MUST make sure your transcript has been RECEIVED and EVALUATED by the Office of the Registrar before registration times are assigned.
  2. Make an appointment to be advised by your academic advisor(s) well in advance of your registration day, if required. If you delay making your advising appointment your advisor may not be available to see you until after your day to register!

    *If you are undecided about a major, be prepared to discuss one or two options you are considering during the advising appointment. If you have multiple options or none at all, make an appointment to meet with a career counselor in Career and Professional Development (254-710-8434) well in advance of your advisement appointment.

  3. *Take any required placement exams (math, French, German, Spanish, or English.) Contact the appropriate departments for more information or click here: Placement Exams.
  4. Check to see if you have any holds that will prevent you from registering. This information is available on BearWeb. Keep in mind that a registration HOLD is not the same thing as an advising FLAG. Please refer to Baylor University's policy Right to Withhold Transcripts and/or Block Registration.
  5. Check if your desired classes are open by accessing "Look Up Classes" on BearWeb or by reviewing Schedule of Classes on the Baylor website. If one of your courses is closed, select an alternate course or you may wish to contact the department that offers the course to determine their policy for issuing "overrides." If an override is approved, you will be able to register for a course that is officially full. Be aware that many departments are unable to give overrides!

    If you are attempting to register for a class that has a Waitlist, but has met seating capacity, you can add yourself to the Waitlist. To find more information on how the Waitlist works, please click Waitlist information.

  6. For any questions concerning course prerequisites, refer to course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog or Graduate Catalog, as appropriate.
  7. For information regarding the transfer of courses you may be considering taking during the summer at other schools, refer to the Transfer Work Policies and Equivalent Course Lists.