Former Student Online Ordering

Baylor partners with the Parchment transcript exchange service to provide online ordering and delivery of transcripts. After reading the following information, click on the button below to login or create an account profile in Baylor’s Parchment Transcript Portal.

  1. Login or Register- Establishing your identity and contact information is the first step to ordering a transcript. The "Authentication Details" section is particularly important for matching your account to your student record. Save your login email and password after opening an account so you can use them for future orders.

  2. AuthenticationDetails

  3. Select Documents- This area first prompts you to identify the recipient by giving you an option to search for the institution or send the transcript to yourself. After selecting the recipient, you are prompted to select the product type (eTranscript, Paper Transcript-Mailed, or Paper Transcript-Pickup).

  4. SelectRecipient

  5. Order Details- The Parchment Portal can pre-populate destination information for many institutions in their network. Optionally, you can enter specific email addresses for pdf delivery or physical addresses for postal or express mail delivery.

  6. Provide Consent- The first time you place an order in Parchment, you will need to submit a signed form to verify your identity and provide consent for releasing your transcript. Please note that in order to comply with FERPA regulations, we are only able to accept handwritten or mouse-drawn signatures on forms. Typed signature or e-stamp signatures will not be accepted. You can take a SmartphonePic, scan, or copy your completed form and upload it to the Parchment website or FAX it to our office. You can download the form on the Parchment site, or click here to complete it ahead of time.

  7. ConsentPage

To begin the transcript ordering process, press the Parchment Transcript Portal button below.

The Additional Information page includes information regarding holds on transcripts, pick up transcript options, delivery time for mailed transcripts, and FedEx delivery option at requester's cost.