Student Mail Forwarding


Summer Mail Forwarding for One Bear Place Boxes


Only first-class items are eligible for forwarding.  Package forwarding may require additional postage.

Mail will be forwarded between June 1st and August 1st

Please contact those sending you mail and provide them with your new address.



For students graduating after the Spring Semester or leaving campus for the summer, provide your forwarding information at CLICK HERE link above. Students residing off-campus are not given the option for a campus mail box.

Changing your forwarding address with the Mail Center does NOT change your address with the Registrar's Office, Human Resources or any other department at Baylor.

For students graduating after the Fall Semester, please send your forwarding information to Teresa Mosley at the Mail Center (254) 710-1310 or 1318. She will need your current One Bear Place box number and the address you would like your mail forwarded to. Your mail will be forwarded for 60 days.