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FAQs Regarding Application for The Pulse

Do I have to be in the Honors College to join The Pulse?

No, but we do look for staff members with a high level of academic performance, usually reflected in a GPA of at least 3.5.

How much time is required?

This varies through the semester depending on what we are doing. At peak times, Pulse activities may require something like 4-5 hours a week. The average time commitment for editorial board members is probably about 2-3 hours a week, and for public relations and technical staff members about 1-2 hours a week. Public relations and technical staff members tend to be busier at the beginning and end of the semesters, while the peak time for the editorial board is usually about the middle third of the semester.

Are there any paid positions for The Pulse?

No. At this time and for the immediate future, all Pulse positions are volunteer.

What majors are you looking for?

We are looking for reliable, enthusiastic people in all majors. There is always a special need for people with non-humanities backgrounds on the editorial board.

Are the weekly meetings required?

Yes. If you have a schedule conflict with this meeting time, please defer your application to another year.

I'm going to be studying abroad one semester next year. Can I still apply?

Yes. There is a place on the application to indicate if you will be off-campus either semester. All other factors equal, applicants who are in Waco for both semesters will be preferred to those who are not.

I'm in the Honors Program. Can I still get Honors hours for joining The Pulse?

Yes. One year of service on The Pulse staff earns you three hours of Honors credit. These hours can count toward either lower-level or upper-level requirements and can be repeated once (for a total of six hours of Honors credit).