What Our Site Preceptors Say About Our Interns


“It was such a blessing to have a Baylor University Public Health intern working with us this summer. The student brought an exemplary level of professionalism and dedication to his work. His flexibility and willingness to serve where it was most needed made him an excellent addition to our team. His knowledge of public health and ability to use resources wisely allowed him to make some very important contributions to the work we are doing while he was here. We would gladly host another Baylor Public Health student intern!”

Taylor Christensen, MPH, RD
Nutrition Program Coordinator
Kids Alive International, Dominican Republic


“It has been my pleasure to host some of the brightest young minds moving into the Public Health arena by having Student Interns from Baylor University.  

These students have come to us well prepared to contribute valuable information, new ideas and have excellent work ethic.  Each intern – I think I have had 5 to date – has brought a different perspective and area of expertise, but all have left our agency with providing us improved tools that we can use for years to come. 

 I am hopeful that they have walked away with a better understanding of serving a diverse population and in impacting the future of health care by being on the ground level in a not-for-profit.  This has been a mutually beneficial experience!”

Daryl Meyers, Program Director
Baylor Scott & White Health Organization
Nurse-Family Partnership


“(Public Health student) was an exceptional intern.  She was both an analytical and creative thinker.  We were all impressed with how well she navigated our large health system with very little guidance and she was also able to grasp important clinical issues quickly.  The project she completed was important to our health system and to patient care.  She did an excellent job on the project.  It was truly a pleasure to work with her.  

I would be interested in hosting another Baylor public health intern in the future.   If you have more [public health interns] out there, I’m very interested!”

Karen Kramer
Vice President, System Chief Nursing Officer, Administration