Baylor's Rising Stars

Rising Stars Program

Each fall Baylor's Office of the Vice Provost for Research selects for special promotional attention a group of exemplary tenure-track researchers who have been assessed by their deans as having high potential for extramural funding. These researchers, designated Rising Stars, receive focused support in proposal preparation and administration, and are afforded special consideration for institutional "seed" funding to support their research.  The OVPR also prepares a portfolio of profiles on the Rising Stars, — including detailed descriptions of their research — for presentation to Baylor's research funding consultants in Washington, D.C. During the following spring semester, the Rising Stars are invited — schedules permitting — to accompany the vice provost, Dr. Truell Hyde, to Washington, D.C., to lay groundwork for future funding applications by meeting personally with members of Congress who oversee federal funding agencies, as well as with officials representing those agencies.


The Public Health Department has 3 faculty members named as a "Rising Star" here at Baylor University:

Matt Asare

Emily Smith

Kelly Ylitalo