General Information

All Baylor MPH assistantships are offered through the Department of Public Health, which is the department in which the MPH program resides. These assistantships are generally awarded for a period of 1-2 years, with second-year renewal dependent on a favorable review of service in the first year. 

Only Full-Time Students are Eligible

All graduate assistants must be full-time students. All full-time students are expected to move through the 2-year degree program in cohorts. Entry to the program begins each fall semester.

Assistantships May be Full or Partial

full graduate assistantship includes 20 hours per week of work, a stipend, and a designated percentage of tuition remission. Unless otherwise stipulated, graduate assistants who enter the MPH program on a full assistantship will receive a stipend and 75of tuition remissionThe student is responsible for the remaining 25% of tuition and all other expenses, including student fees. Click on the following link for more information about tuition costs and student fees:

partial assistantship includes fewer work hours per week and smaller stipend, and may include some tuition remission. Summer or semester-long stipends may be available periodically as well. In all cases, the student is responsible for the remaining percentage of tuition, student fees, and other related expenses. For information about tuition rates and other fees at Baylor, go to the following website and click on “Graduate Cost of Attendance.”

MPH Assistantship Types

The number and types of assistantships available through the MPH program vary from year to year. Check with the MPH Program Director for details about actual assistantship availability.

Separate Application Processes

Application for admission into our MPH program and application for a graduate assistantship in the MPH program are two separate processes that should be completed concurrently. To apply for admission into our MPH program, access the SOPHAS website at: (Search for the Baylor University Public Health Program on the SOPHAS website.)

To apply for an MPH graduate assistantship, follow these application instructions:

Step 1. Download and prepare the electronic application form.

  1. Download the Baylor MPH assistantship application here
  2. Save the application file to your computer “as is” so that you will have all information for future reference.
  3. Then, save the file again but add your last and first name to the end of the file name. 
    1.  Example: BU_MPHassistantships_DoeJohn
    2. This “named” file will become your application file.

Step 2. Read pages 1-3 of the file.

If you haven’t already done so, read the first 3 pages of this file. These pages contain important information about graduate assistantships in general and the types of assistantships that may be available.

Step 3. Complete the application form starting on page 5.

  1. Complete the 5 small tables on the first page: 
  • I-General Information
  • II-International Students (if applicable)
  • III-Degrees Awarded
  • IV-Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
  • V-Graduate Assistantship Interest
  1. Complete the remaining sections of the application form:
  • 12 Essential Questions
  • Teaching specifics
  • Research specifics
  1. Paste in or attach your resume to the end of the form.

Step 4. Delete all “front matter” (pages 1-4) in the file.

The first page of your application file should be the first page of the actual application form (next page).

Step 5. Email your completed application form to TWO people simultaneously:

·     Dr. Eva Doyle, MPH Community Health Program Director,

·     Ms. Megan Heaton, Department of Public Health Graduate Program Coordinator,

Step 6. Be prepared for potential interview opportunities! (Check email frequently after Dec 15th!)

Your completed application may be forwarded to multiple assistantship partners for their consideration. You could potentially be contacted about more than one assistantship possibility. Some assistantship decision-makers may wish to interview you electronically or in person. 

If you are selected by our MPH Program faculty to interview for a Health GTA  or Health GA position, we strongly encourage you to interview in person if at all possible. We will contact selected applicants about a specific 2-day interview-and-campus-visit date. The MPH Program Director will provide details. Some partial travel support (for flights/mileage) maybe available.

Applying for Assistantships

The deadline for assistantship applications is the same date as indicated for program application (December 15th). Applying for assistantships is a separate process. Please wait until you are accepted into our program to apply for an assistantship! We begin work immediately after the designated application deadline to review MPH program applications and recommend acceptances and  select a pool of assistantship candidates from among those who applied for an assistantship and have been recommended for program acceptance. Assistantship interviews usually occur February - early March.