Admission Requirements

When to Apply


Application Deadline: December 15th

Program entry begins in the fall semester.* The application deadline listed above is specific to our Baylor Master of Public Health (MPH) Program. Applicants interested in the possibility of an assistantship MUST meet this application deadline AND submit an assistantship application by the same deadline. (See “Apply for Assistantships.”)

Our admissions committee may agree to review a late submission if it is completed by mid-April. Late applicants are rarely considered for assistantships. For more details, contact the program coordinator: Beth Lanning,

Baylor MPH Program Admission Requirements and Tips

How to Apply

We only accept program applications via the SOPHAS application system at  (Search for the Baylor University Public Health Program on the SOPHAS webpage.) You will be required to submit a personal statement, reference letters, official transcripts, and official GRE scores.

Admission Requirements

All required components of your application will be reviewed and considered. The following information relates specifically to our GRE and GPA requirements.

GRE - All applicants (including international students) must take the national Graduate Record Exam (GRE). We do not accept scores from other exams, nor do we consider previous training or work experience, as a substitute for the GRE.

  • Minimum Scores and Percentiles. Your combined raw score (quantitative+verbal) must be at least 300 for further consideration. The national percentile for each score is also considered (at least a 50th percentile preferred). A minimum writing score of 4.0 is also preferred. Contact the director if you have additional questions.

  • Take the GRE early to allow for a re-take if needed!! Baylor accepts the highest score in each exam area.

  • You may submit unofficial copies of your GRE scores, but your application will not be fully processed until the official scores arrive. You may also email an unofficial copy of these scores to the MPH program director for preliminary feedback.

GPA - The cumulative GPA from your previous degree must be at least 3.0.

International Students

Foreign national and permanent resident applicants are required to take at least one of these two exams: TOEFL or IELTS. Check here for minimum score requirements:

Apply for Assistantships

The deadline for assistantship applications is the same date as indicated for program application (December 15th). Applying for assistantships is a separate process. Do not wait until you are accepted into our program to apply for an assistantship! We begin work immediately after the designated application deadline to review MPH program applications and recommend acceptances and select a pool of assistantship candidates from among those who applied for an assistantship and have been recommended for program acceptance. Assistantship interviews usually occur February - early March. (International students are also eligible for these assistantships.)

Click here for access to assistantship information and an application form:


*A few programmatic graduate assistantships may begin in the summer.