About Us

About Us

The Baylor Department of Public Health is a team of scientists committed to measuring health, promoting health equity, improving the well-being of vulnerable and underserved populations in every community, and training the next generation of public health researchers and practitioners.

We value the diversity of students, faculty, communities, and ideas, and collaborate to serve and support the health of vulnerable and underserved populations.

We are pursuing a healthier world through:

  • Ground-breaking research. We use innovative, multidisciplinary qualitative and quantitative methods to measure health, behaviors, and environments.

  • Implementation science. We translate scientific discovery into evidence-based practice to maximize the impact of research and confront complex health challenges.

  • Excellence in teaching. We facilitate learning opportunities by connecting students, communities, and research to develop practical skill sets and strengthen community capacity.

  • Service-minded perspectives. We partner with individuals and communities to achieve their health goals and foster equitable, community-engaged health opportunities.

Our strong research and practice-based approaches, global health opportunities, and low faculty-student ratios provide our students with a quality learning experience that can enhance career development. Our students often tell us they enjoy the opportunities we provide for them to learn as they serve and serve as they learn.

We are accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).