BPC Diversity Welcome Statement

The Baylor Psychology Clinic welcomes clients from all cultural backgrounds and is deeply committed to providing culturally-sensitive, evidence-based services that are affirming of all aspects of an individual’s identity. We respect, value, and celebrate individual differences in beliefs, values, and identity, and we view those differences as essential to fully knowing and respecting the clients we serve. Exploring each client’s unique experience with respect to intersecting identities such as age, ethnicity, race, nationality, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, and level of ability is integral to providing culturally-responsive, client-centered mental health care. We acknowledge that our clinic, staff, and clients are embedded within a larger cultural context that affords privilege to some and marginalizes others. We strive to promote practices that build trust, honor diversity, and support equity and inclusion.


For information on the Baylor University Psychology and Neuroscience Department’s Commitment to Diversity, please visit: