How Diversity is Incorporated into Psy.D. Program

1)  Multicultural committee comprised of Psy.D. students and faculty who meet regularly to plan program events and workshops. 

2) Two multicultural meetings each semester and one workshop each year on a topic related to diversity and inclusion. 

3) Department Diversity and Inclusion Committee comprised of departmental faculty.

4) Faculty sending webinar and training opportunities to Psy.D. students.

5) Virtual Open House geared towards diverse and underrepresented prospective applicants. 

6) There is a Baylor Box specifically set up for students and faculty in our program to access and post resources related to clinical work with diverse populations.

7) All of our courses infuse elements of diversity and inclusion into them.  A few examples include:

PSY 5334-History and Systems

This course covers a general history of racism throughout the history of the United States (or specifically, from 1776 to 1970), and it also emphasizes the extent to which psychology as an academic discipline was born into an academic world that was steeped in racism, and how initially, psychology promoted racist ideas.

PSY 5335-Multicultural Issues

This course examines the empirical literature on cultural influences as they relate to psychological practice.  Aspects of culture such as age/generational influences, developmental disabilities, disabilities acquired later in life, religion/spiritual orientation, ethnic/racial identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, national origin, and gender are explored.  This course is intended to facilitate students’ growth as culturally responsive psychologists.  

PSY 5325 -Ethics and Professional Issues in Clinical Psychology

This course discusses ethical implications associated with practicing psychology with diverse clients.  This content is covered throughout the course and one class is specifically devoted to multicultural considerations.  Students are asked to select a diversity factor (e.g., LGBT, religion, age, race, ethnicity, disability, military) and share best practices and any relevant clinical guidelines with the class. 

8) Faculty attending McNair Conference Recruitment Event and leading poster presentation sessions

9) Planned program meeting to discuss ideas about incorporating diversity and inclusion in the program.


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