Department's Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience is taking deliberate action to foster an academic environment committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.   Beginning in the summer of 2020, we have taken the following actions:

  • June 5, 2020: Departmental Statement on Racial Injustice and Violence published

  • June 5, 2020: Initial Diversity and Inclusion Task Force created: Drs. Annie Ginty (chair), Stacy Ryan-Pettes, Christine Limbers, JoAnn Tsang, Michael Scullin

  • July 21, 2020: Departmental climate survey of faculty and students created by Task Force and distributed to students and faculty

  • August 11, 2020: Initial report to faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

  • August 13, 2020 Departmental Actions taken 

  • August 16, 2020: Appointment of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee (Drs. Ginty, Ryan-Pettes, Limbers, Keele, and Scullin), directing the work of 4 subcommittees on Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum, Department Climate and Continuing Education, Graduate Recruiting and Development and Faculty Recruiting and Development