Many students who major in Psychology do so in anticipation of pursuing a career as a psychologist. These students plan to attend graduate school for advanced training in Psychology. Other students who have no plans to become professional psychologists select a psychology major because it is one of the several possible ways to complete a program of study leading to the B.A. or B.S. degree. For these students the choice of psychology as a major is based on the fact that it is an interesting and challenging field of study.

A choice of Psychology as a major because of its inherent interest, however, should not obscure the fact that an undergraduate degree in Psychology may be good preparation for careers in other fields that are not formally identified as psychological in nature. The business world is one of the many career fields for which an undergraduate specialization in Psychology may be particularly appropriate. Among the many skills that businesses look for in hiring their personnel are the so called "people skills." Some business leaders rate such skills as important as the technical skills taught in Schools of Business. An undergraduate major in Psychology typically includes courses in Personality, Motivation, Social Psychology, Group Process and other courses that can contribute significantly to the understanding of the "how's" and "why's" of human behavior.

If you think that you are headed for a career in business, you might consider majoring in Psychology at the undergraduate level. Since the number of career tracks in the business world is quite large, however, you should consult with a knowledgeable people in the business school before deciding finally on a Psychology major. Many careers in business require some degree of technical proficiency in one or more specific areas (E.G. accounting, finance, Etc.). You should investigate in order to determine if you can get the required technical expertise by taking business courses as you major in Psychology. You may find that the technical requirements of your chosen field are extensive enough that a major in the Business School is to be preferred. In this latter case, you might still profit from taking a number of Psychology courses that would be helpful to you in your career.

Psychology courses relevant to a career in business include:
PSY 3330, Psychopathology
PSY 3310, Social Psychology
PSY 3355, Drugs and Behavior
PSY 3425, Group Processes
PSY 4312, Behavioral Medicine
PSY 4327, Theories of Personality