Behavioral Statistics

Students with an interest in working with people, computers, and mathematics will find excellent career opportunities in Quantitative Psychology and Behavioral Statistics. Jobs are available for those with bachelors, masters, or doctoral degrees. Students with B.A. or M.A. degree may work as research assistants or statistical assistants in medical research centers, industry, or government agencies-any setting where information is subjected to statistical analysis. Statistical assistant usually work closely with researchers who re collecting data. They may be called on to participate in the collection of data, perform analyses of data, write computer programs to analyze data, and maintain databases.

Students who complete the Ph.D. usually work as statistical consultants or teach in universities. There has been, and continues to be, a shortage of statistical consultants. The work is varied and challenging: consultants provide advice on the design of research projects, analyze data, and assist researchers in preparing research reports. Statistical consultants may consult with experimenters in a variety of scientific areas. However, the majority of statistical consultants work with physicians and medical researchers. The federal government also is a major employer of statistical consultants. Statistical consultants with an entrepreneurial bent can form their own consulting companies and provide services to clients in industry and government.

The most successful statistical consultants have skill in working with people, numbers, and computers-and in that order. Undergraduates who want to pursue a career as a statistical consultant should take courses in counseling, personality theory, statistics, tests and measurement, calculus, and computer programming.

Recommended Courses:

PSY 2402 Statistics
PSY 2403 Psychology Testing and Measurement
PSY 3308 Theories of Psychotherapy/Counseling
PSY 4400 Advanced Statistics I
PSY 4327 Theories of Personality
MTH 1321 Calculus I
MTH 1322 Calculus II
MTH 2321 Calculus III
CSI 1330 Introduction to Computer Science I
CSI 1340 Introduction to Computer Science II