Christine A. Limbers, Ph.D.

Christine A. Limbers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology (Core Clinical Faculty) and Graduate Program Director, Psy.D. program
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Associate Professor of Psychology
Graduate Program Director, Psy.D. Program


Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2010
B.A., Santa Clara University, 2003


Dr. Limbers joined the Baylor faculty in Fall 2010. Prior to coming to Baylor, she completed her clinical internship at Duke University Medical School.

Academic Interests and Research:

My research focuses on the assessment of neurocognitive outcomes in obese children and adolescents, the development and validation of patient-reported outcome measures for children with chronic health conditions, and expanding the understanding of evidence-based pediatric interventions.

Selected Recent Publications:

Limbers, C.A. (2021).  Factors associated with caregiver preferences for their children’s return to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Journal of School Health, 91, 3-8.

Limbers, C.A., Greenwood, E.*, & Horan, M.* (2020).  Convergent and discriminant validity of the Emotional Eating Scale Adapted for Children and Adolescents Short-Form.  Eating Behaviors, 39, 101442. 

Limbers, C.A., McCollum, C.*, & Greenwood, E.* (2020).  Physical activity moderates the association between parenting stress and quality of life in working mothers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Mental Health and Physical Activity, 19, 100358. 

Larson, M.*, Latendresse, S., Teasdale, A.*, & Limbers, C.A.  (2020).  The Pediatric Inventory for parents: Development of a short-form in fathers of children with Type 1 Diabetes.  Child: Care, Health, and Development, 46, 468-484. 

Limbers, C.A., Gutierrez, A.*, & Cohen, L.A.* (2020). The patient-centered medical home: Mental health and parenting stress in mothers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Journal of Primary Care and Community Health, 11.   

Limbers, C.A., McCollum, C.*, Ylitalo, K.R., & Hebl, M.  (2020).  Physical activity in working mothers: Running low impacts quality of life.  Women’s Health, 16

Limbers, C.A., Larson, M.*, Young, D., & Simmons, S.* (2020).  The Emotional Eating Scale Adapted for Children and Adolescents: Development and preliminary validation of a short-form.  Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention, 28, 213-229.   

Fergus, T., Limbers, C.A., & Bocksel, K.* (2020).  Examining associations between metacognitive beliefs and test anxiety among middle school students. Translational Issues in Psychological Science, 6, 70-80.      

Simmons, S.* & Limbers, C.A. (2019). Acculturative stress and emotional eating in Latino adolescents.  Eating and Weight Disorders- Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia, and Obesity, 24, 905-914    

Cohen, L.A.* & Limbers, C.A. (2019). Mental health and parenting stress in mothers of children with diabetes treated in a patient-centered medical home.  Family Practice, 36, 486-492. 

Fergus, T. & Limbers, C.A. (2019). Reducing test anxiety in school settings: A controlled pilot study examining a group format delivery of the Attention Training Technique among adolescent students.  Behavior Therapy, 50, 803-816.

Egan, K.*, Cohen, L.A.*, & Limbers, C.A. (2019).  Parent-child agreement of the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning in a community sample of adolescents. Applied Neuropsychology: Child, 8, 264-271. 

Teasdale, A.* & Limbers, C.A. (2018).  Avoidant coping moderates the relationship between paternal involvement in the child’s Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) care and parenting stress.  Journal of Child Health Care, 22, 606-618.

Limbers, C.A., Teasdale, A.*, & Beaujean, A.A. (2018). Relations between religiosity, BMI, and health-related quality of life: A model comparison study.  Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 37.     

Limbers, C.A., Cohen, L.A.*, & Gray, B.* (2018). Eating disorders in adolescent and young adult males: Prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment strategies.  Adolescent Health, Medicine, & Therapeutics, 9, 111-116.       

Fergus, T., Limbers, C.A., Griggs, J., & Kelley, L. (2018).  Somatic symptom severity among primary care patients who are obese: Examining the contribution of anxiety sensitivity and health anxiety.  Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 41, 43-51.

Limbers, C.A. & Teasdale, A.* (2018).  Parenting stress in fathers of children with type 1 diabetes. Family and Community Health, 41, 117-122.

Limbers, C.A., Egan, K.*, & Cohen, L.A.* (2018).  Executive functions and dietary behaviors in school-aged children.  International Journal of School Health, 5, 1-7. 

Young, D.* & Limbers, C.A. (2017).  Avoidant coping moderates the relationship between stress and depressive emotional eating in adolescents. Eating and Weight Disorders: Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia, and Obesity, 22, 683-691  

Limbers, C.A., Young, D.*, Jernigan, S.*, Bryant, W., & Stephen, M. (2017).  A comparison between objective measures and parental behavioral rating scales of memory and attention in pediatric endocrinology patients. Applied Neuropsychology: Child, 6, 172-179. 

Limbers, C.A., Young, D.*, & Beaujean, A. (2016).  The Emotional Eating Scale adapted for use in children and adolescents: Factorial invariance across adolescent males and females.  Eating Behaviors, 22, 164-169. 

*Indicates student co-author

Recent Psy.D. Graduates:

Ashley Teasdale, Psy.D.
Stephanie Jernigan, Psy.D.
Rachel Kantor, Psy.D.
Natalie Passanante, Psy.D.
Danielle Young, Psy.D.

Current Psy.D. Students:

Adelyn Cohen, University of Virgina
Katie Shea, University of Central Florida
Abbigail Gutierrez, Rice University
Emma Greenwood Summers, Baylor University

Current Ph.D. Students:

Christina McCollum Pavlov, Santa Clara University

Courses taught at Baylor:

  • PSY 3308 - Theories of Psychotherapy and Counseling
  • PSY 3321 - Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 3330 - Psychopathology
  • PSY 5410 - Child Psychopathology & Assessment