Course Offerings by Semester

Courses Offered During Both Fall and Spring Semesters:

1106 Introduction to Neuroscience Laboratory
1305 Introduction to Psychology
1306 Introduction to Neuroscience
2402 Introduction to Statistics
2405 Research and Methods
3111 Laboratory in Cognition
3120 Laboratory in Learning and Behavior
3123 Laboratory in Sensation and Perception
3308 Theories of Psychotherapy/Counseling
3310 Social Psychology
3311 Cognition
3320 Learning and Behavior
3321 Abnormal Psychology
3323 Sensation and Perception
3330 Psychopathology
3341 Survey of Human Development
3350 Lifespan Human Development
3399 Positive Psychology and Well-Being
3V90 Community Volunteer Work
4V96 Special Topics
4119 Laboratory in Clinical Neuroscience
4130 Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience
4312 Behavioral Medicine
4319 Clinical Neuroscience
4327 Theories of Personality
4330 Behavioral Neuroscience
4339 Psychology of Religion
4356 Neuropharmacology
4400 Advanced Statistics

Courses Offered During Fall Semesters Only:

3355 Drugs and Behavior
3380 Forensic Psychology

Courses Offered During Spring Semesters Only:

*4302 Human Development
4317 Neuroscience Literature
*4329 Consciousness and Mind

*Not offered every Spring

Courses offered During Second Summer Session with Study Abroad Program:

3318 The Psychology of Memory
3380 Forensic Psychology

Course offered During Mini-Mester Only:

4385 Psychology of Film

A Note about Changes in Course Offerings: This list is based on past experience and anticipated offerings; however, it is subject to change without notice as the department retains the prerogative of changing course offerings at any time. Changes may be necessary due to faculty availability or program changes. STUDENTS ARE ADVISED TO CHECK OFFERINGS AND ADJUST THEIR DEGREE PLANS OFTEN TO AVOID DELAY IN GRADUATION.