New Student Seminar: PSY/NSC 1101

What is a New Student Seminar?

PSY 1101 and NSC 1101 are first-year experience courses required for all new and transfer students entering as Pre-Psychology or Pre-Neuroscience majors. We will introduce you to the faculty in the department, discuss the academic requirements of the major, and discuss ways in which you can make the adjustment to Baylor successful. This course satisfies BU1000 or U1000 requirements. For Fall 2020, these courses will be held online.

Students will learn:

  • About organizations, activities, and resources that are available to them as students of Baylor University.
  • How they can organize their time as efficiently as possible.
  • What kinds of study techniques are likely to be effective, and which will not.
  • About the MAP-Works tools, and how they can use MAP-Works to increase their likelihood of success.
  • What it means to be a part of an academic community, and what is expected of all members of that community.
  • What kind of resources are available to foster spiritual growth.
  • How to develop independence and autonomy, both in academic and personal matters.
  • Various career paths available to them as PSY or NSC majors.
  • What is required of students as pre-majors before applying to become PSY or NSC majors.
  • About the faculty they will encounter in PSY and NSC, and learn about academic interests and research opportunities that are available.