Neuroscience Degree Requirements


Pre-Neuroscience (B.S. Degree)

All students are admitted as "Pre-NSC majors." Students will be admitted into the NSC major when they have achieved the following:

Students enrolling at Baylor as freshmen:

  1. Completed NSC 1101 and earned a B or better in NSC 1306 and 1106. With permission of the chair or chair’s designate, followed by Dean’s approval, students who fail to earn a B may repeat the course one time. Students who completed another New Student Experiences class may petition to allow that course to substitute for NSC 1101. **Transfer or AP credit may not be used to satisfy this requirement.**
  2. Completed at least three of the following science education core requirements, with a grade of C or better in all and a minimum GPA in these courses of 2.30: BIO 1305-1105, CHE 1301-1101, PHY 1408 or PHY 1420, MTH 1321.
  3. If transfer or AP credit is used to satisfy the above requirements, those grades will not be used in computing science core GPA.
  4. Students enrolling at Baylor as freshman must have a minimum overal GPA of 2.75 in no fewer that 45 hours completed at Baylor University. Students will be admitted to the major as soon as they have earned 45 hours and completed the above requirements. Students who have not satisfactorily completed the requirements by the time they have completed 75 hours will not be allowed to continue in the major.
  5. Baylor students who change major to Pre-Neuroscience and students enrolling as transfer students are not subject to the 45 hour minimum and do not need to complete NSC 1101 but must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.75. These students will be considered for admission to the Neuroscience major at the end of their second semester as a pre-major, but must meet the above requirements prior to completing 36 hours in the pre-major at Baylor. Only courses taken at Baylor are used in the computation of GPAs.

Exceptions to the above policies based on extenuating circumstances can be directed to the chair or chair’s designee.


B.S. Degree
Requirements for a Major in Neuroscience

Twenty-nine semester hours including the following:

  1. NSC 1306-1106, 3319-3119, 3356, and 4330-4130.
  2. Two courses (8 hours) from NSC 3311-3111, 3320-3120, and 3323-3123. A third course from this listing may be used to fulfill elective hours in C.
  3. Six additional hours from NSC 3311, 3320, 3323, 3370, 4312, (4317 or 4371), 4324, 4V96.
  4. A grade of "C" or better is required in all psychology and/or neuroscience courses used for the major.
  5. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in NSC 1101 during their first semester on campus.

Required courses in other fields: A grade of "C" or better is required in each course.

  1. BIO 1305-1105, 1306-1106, and 2306.
  2. CHE 1301-1101, 1302-1102.
  3. MTH 1321 and STA 2381.
  4. PHY 1408 and 1409; or 1420 and 1430.
  5. PSY 4400.
  6. One course from the following:

    PSY 3318
    PSY 3330
    PSY 3350
    PSY 3406
    PSY 4329

 Majors and potential majors are encouraged to review "Advisement Information for Psychology Majors" or "Advisement Information for Neuroscience Majors" as an aid in academic advisement and career preparation. Hard copies can be picked up from the departmental office.

 Students intending to do graduate work are encouraged to take more than the minimum number of required hours but no more than forty-five hours in psychology or neuroscience.

NOTE: A student who earns a D or F in a PSY or NSC course may repeat the course. However, a student earning a second D or F in the same course, or in a subsequent PSY or NSC course, will not be eligible to continue in the Psychology or Neuroscience major. The student may, however, be eligible to continue studies in another major in the University. Students who believe they have individual circumstances warranting an exception to these grade minimums and failure policies may appeal to the department chair.

Any course in the major may be taken as soon as the prerequisites have been completed. Courses beyond the required minimum outlined above may be taken from Neuroscience or from other departmental offerings in Biology and Chemistry.