Financial Information

The financial support provided for the doctoral students in clinical psychology is among the best of any Psy.D. program in the country. The high level of financial support that we offer is distinctive; all of our students are funded for the entirety of their four years on campus. For the first three years of the program, financial support is largely derived from tuition coverage and payment for practicum work. Tuition is covered for up to 5 years provided the student remains in good standing; each student is responsible for paying the student fees associated with each semester and summer session of school. Student fees vary, but range from approximately $3,000 to $4,000 each year. Practicum payment is a yearly salary paid on a monthly basis, and varies in amount between practicum sites; the minimum yearly salary is $11,000, and the maximum currently stands at $18,000.

A small number of students are also selected for teaching assistant positions and receive supplemental stipends during the last three years on campus. Some supplemental scholarships from the Baylor University Graduate School have also been awarded to Psy.D. students in the past, with annual awards ranging from $2,000 to $8,000. Financial support is paid out on a monthly basis and represents combined support from practicum pay and any other applicable stipend funds from teaching assistant positions or supplemental scholarships.

The fourth year in the program is spent working on clinical research in the faculty mentor’s lab and on the completion of the dissertation. The Graduate School has committed to the Psy.D. Program that this final year will be a no-cost year, with students receiving full coverage of tuition costs and approximately $19,000 in stipend money for the year. As evidenced by this brief review of the program funding processes, our financial support of students is exceptional and sets the Baylor University Psy.D. Program apart.