Course Descriptions

5371 Clinical and Research Practicum I
Supervision, development, and evaluation of PSY.D. students in all aspects of their work. Introduction to clinical interviewing skills, therapeutic relationship, theories of psychotherapy, and common factors in psychotherapy and clinical assessment.

5372 Clinical and Research Practicum II
Intermediate level practicum experience of supervision, development, and evaluation of Psy.D. students in all aspects of their work.

5373 Clinical and Research Practicum III
Advanced practicum experience. Supervision, development, and evaluation of Psy.D. students in all aspects of their work.

5325 Ethics and Professional Issues in Clinical Psychology
The application of current ethical and professional standards to professional practice.

5431 Psychological Assessment I
Introduction to assessment principles and approaches. Administration, scoring, and interpretation of intellectual, cognitive, and neuropsychological measures. Introduction to integrated report writing.

5432 Psychological Assessment II
Continued study of assessment. Introduction to objective and projective personality measures and disorder-based assessments and integration of the tests with various cognitive, intellectual, or neuropsychological measures.

5333 Psychological Assessment III
Advanced study of integrated assessment, focusing on special populations including gerontology, neuropsychology assessment, health-related assessments and additional disorder-based assessments.

5429 Psychotherapy I: Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
Current research and theory on cognitive behavioral approaches to clinical problems.

5423 Psychotherapy II: Advanced Cognitive-Behavior Therapy
Continued study of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. Introduction to third wave cognitive-behavioral psychotherapies including dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, theory and applications.

5317 Psychotherapy III: Seminar in Psychotherapy
Advanced study of current research, theory and practice in evidence-based psychotherapy, interventions, and treatment planning.

5316 Clinical Psychopathology
Clinical case formulation, including the assessment and diagnosis of problems, case conceptualization, and treatment planning, based on current theory and research.

5321 Developmental Psychology
Current research and theory on the development of human behavior from conception through senescence with emphasis on childhood and psychopathology of childhood.

5428 Group and Systems Approaches to Psychotherapy
Theory, research, and practice of systems approaches to group, couples, and family psychotherapy. Experiential practice in refining psychotherapy skills.

5410 Psychopathology and Assessment of Children
This course is designed to provide an overview of emotional and behavioral disorders of children and adolescents and theoretical foundations and applications of psychological assessment with this population.

5344 History and Systems
History and systems in psychology with a special emphasis on philosophy of science and personality theory.

5426 Clinical Intervention with Children
Theory and research of clinical intervention procedures used with children and adolescents with psychological disorders.

5388 Methods I: Seminar in Applied Statistics
Selected issues in applied statistics.

5301 Methods II: Introduction to Experimental Design (Cross listed STA 5301)
Simple and complex analysis of variance and analysis of covariance designs. The general linear model approach, including full-rank and less than full-rank models, will be emphasized.

5302 Methods III: Measurement in Psychology
Principles and methodology underlying scaling techniques, rating devices, psychological tests, and other forms of measurements used in psychology. Includes an introduction to psychometrics and applications to objective personality assessment.

5330 Neuropharmacology (see NSC 5330)
Introduction to pharmacology with emphasis on drugs that act on the nervous system. Absorption distribution and biotransformation of drugs. Drug receptors, site and mechanism of action.

5311 Seminar in Memory and Cognition (See NSC 5311)
An advanced treatment of the study of human cognition. Topic to include memory, language, problem solving, intelligence, and thinking.

5323 Biological Foundations of Behavior
An introduction to the biological mechanisms underlying behavior. A review of basic neuroanatomy, neuron function, neurotransmitters, emotion process, language, learning and memory function. Will also review biological correlates of targeted mental disorders such as mood and anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and developmental and cognitive disorders.

5334 Clinical Health Psychology
Foundations of clinical health psychology, applications of behavioral medicine, and the promotion and maintenance of health.

5370 Administration and Supervision
Training in health care administration, supervision, consultation, program development, and evaluation.

5335 Multicultural Issues
An exploration of multicultural issues in the delivery of psychological services.

5339 Social-Organizational Psychology
The application of social psychology to professional practice and organizational consultation and development.

5V24 Individualized Professional Development and Research
Opportunity for clinical psychology doctoral students to develop further their research skills. Must be taken for three semesters.

6V01 Clinical Internship
Course open only to fifth-year clinical psychology doctoral students who are off campus on internship. Must be taken for three semesters.

6V99 Dissertation