Undergrad Programs

Psychology and neuroscience are comprehensive and versatile majors, providing educational foundation for advanced study in any field. Psychologists bring diverse and sophisticated methods to bear on understanding human behavior and the world in which we live. We offer a well-rounded education in all of the major subfields of psychology, with a wealth of opportunities for hands on clinical and research experience, overseas study, and mentoring with professors.

Baylor's Psychology and Neuroscience Department is renowned for its high quality teaching, cutting edge research, and for professors who care about students. Undergraduate students are offered a broad range of opportunities to work closely with professors outside of the classroom, in their labs, in community agencies, and on individual honors and research projects.

Our majors have gone on to establish themselves in a range of professions. They've become scientists, physicians, lawyers, academics, clinicians, and teachers, among a host of other chosen professions. We've placed students in top jobs and graduate programs across the country, including Yale, Harvard, Princeton, University of Texas-Austin, Texas A&M University, University of California at Los Angeles, among many others.

New students enroll as Premajors in PSY or NSC, and all first year students should enroll in PSY 1101 or NSC 1101, our New Student Seminar class for majors only. Pre-major information | NSE Courses