2001 Volume 28

Issue 01 -- Spring 2001

Charles H. Talbert's Contributions to New Testament Scholarship: pg. 5-14
Sharyn Dowd, Guest Editor
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798-7284

Bibliography (1966-2000) for Charles Harold Talbert: pg. 15-30

Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Presentation in the Temple: A Visual Exegesis of Luke 2:22-38: pg. 31-46
Heidi J. Hornik
Mikeal C. Parsons
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798

Who Was Anna? : Luke 2:36-38: pg. 47-56

Bonnie Thurston
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Bonaventure and Talbert on Luke 8:26-39: Christology, Discipleship, and Evangelization: pg. 57-66

Robert J. Karris
St. Bonaventure University
St. Bonaventure, New York 14778

The Johannine Word as Revealing the Father: A Christian Creedal Actualization: pg. 67-84

William S. Kurz, S. J.
Marquette University
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201

Does Suffering Possess Educational Value in Mark's Gospel?: pg. 85-98

C. Clifton Black
Princeton Theological Seminary
Princeton, New Jersey 08542-0803

Eugene Genovese and the Biblical Tragedy of the South: pg. 99-113
Ralph C. Wood
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798-7284

Issue 02 -- Summer 2001

Catholics, Baptists, and the Normativity of Tradition: A Review Essay: pg. 119-30
Mark Medley
Campbellsville University
Campbellsville, Kentucky 42718

Kenneson, Life on the Vine; Kreider, Communion Shapes Character; Barnes, Story of Discipleship: pg. 131-34
Jonathan Wilson
Westmont College
Santa Barbara, California 93108-1099

Brown, Augustine of Hippo; Knowles, Reluctant Saint: pg. 135-40
David Lyle Jeffrey
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798-7284

DeSilva, Perseverance in Gratitude; Martin, A Hymn of Christ; Thiselton, First Corinthians: pg. 141-42
Charles H. Talbert
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798-7284

Kobre, Walker Percy's Voices; Pridgen, Walker Percy's Sacramental Landscapes; Elliott and Lantos, The Last Physician: pg. 143-48

John D. Sykes, Jr.
Wingate University
Wingate, North Carolina 28174

Moltmann, The Coming of God; God for a Secular Society; Experiences in Theology: pg. 149-54

A. J. Conyers
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798-7284

Gvosdev, An Examination of Church-State Relations; Tachiaos, Cyril and Methodius; Vaporis, Witness for Christ: pg. 155-60
Richard Alan Young
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37411

Ariel, Evangelizing the Chosen People; Podles, The Church Impotent; McDermott, Can Evangelicals Learn from World Religions; Harding, Book of Jerry Falwell: pg. 161-66
John J. Johnson
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798-0724

Humphreys and Robertson, God So Loved the World; Tull, High Church Baptist; Bulley, Priesthood of Some Believers: pg. 167-70
William H. Brackney
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798-7284

Bellinger and Farmer, Jesus and Suffering Servant, Farmer, Anti-Judaism and the Gospels; Wellhausen, Pharisees and Sadducees; Snyder, Inculturation of the Jesus Tradition: pg. 171-178
Richard B. Vinson
Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond
Richmond, Virginia 23227

Phillips, The Cousin's Wars; Yarbrough, American Virtues; Adams, The Paris Years of Thomas Jefferson: pg. 179-82
Kenneth W. Lahners
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798-7284

Carter, Politics of the Cross; Yoder, Preface to Theology; Reimer, Mennonites and Classical Theology: pg. 183-86
Thomas Finger
Elizabethtown College
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 17022

Dowd, Reading Mark; Black, The Rhetoric of the Gospel; Wansbrough, Luke: pg. 187-90

Stan Harstine
Friends University
Wichita, Kansas 67213

Lares, Milton and the Preaching Arts; Piper, The Hidden Smile of God; Hindmarsh, John Newton: pg. 191-94
Galen K. Johnson
John Brown University
Siloam Springs, Arizona 72761

Baum, The Twentieth Century; Badham, Introduction to Christian Theology; Ward, Theology and Contemporary Critical Theory: pg. 195-97
Adam C. English
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798-7284

Issue 03 -- Fall 2001

Feeding Imagery in the Gospel of John: Uniting The Physical and the Spiritual: pg. 203-14
Adam C. English
Baylor University
Waco, Texas 76798-7284

Must a Covenantal Sexual Ethic Be Heterocentric? Insights from Congregations: pg. 215-34
Fred Glennon
Le Moyne College
Syracuse, New York 13214

Signs of the Times: Religion, Reform and Spencer Perceval, Jr.'s "Great Test" of 1836: pg. 235-46
Richard J. Janet
Rockhurst University
Kansas City, Missouri 64110

"Mysteries for the Wise to Ponder": Orthodoxy and Heresy in Ellis Peters' The Heretic's Apprentice: pg. 247-56
Warren McWilliams
Oklahoma Baptist University
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74804

Toward a Christian Hermeneutic of Love: Problem and Possibility: pg. 257-84
Jeff B. Pool
Arlington, Texas 76017

Is There a Baptist Theology in the House? A Review Essay: pg. 285-90
Mark A. Noll
Wheaton College
Wheaton, Illinois 60187

Issue 04 -- Winter 2001

Editorial Introduction: pg. 325-26
Claude Mariottini
Northern Baptist Theological Seminary
Lombard, Illinois 60148

Gregory Mobley
Andover Newton Theological School
Newton Centre, Massachusetts 02459

The Reification of Divine Evil: pg. 327-32
James L. Crenshaw
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina 27708

Psalm 72 and Isaiah 40-66: A Study in Tradition: pg. 333-42
Ronald E. Clements
King's College
University of London
United Kingdom

An Exposition of Psalm 8: pg. 343-60
Marvin E. Tate
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky 40280

The Rhetoric of Jewish Apocalyptic Eschatology: pg. 361-72
Paul L. Redditt
Georgetown College
Georgetown, Kentucky 40324

Integrating the Masorah into the Classroom: A Tribute to Page Kelley: pg. 373-84

Daniel S. Mynatt
Anderson College
Anderson, South Carolina 29621

Timothy G. Crawford
Bluefield College
Bluefield, Virginia 24605

Yahweh, The Breaker of Israel: pg. 385-410

Claude F. Mariottini
Northern Baptist Theological Seminary
Lombard, Illinois 60148