1990 Volume 17

Issue 01 -- Spring 1990

The Gift of Ambiguity: pg. 5-12
John C. Shelley
Furman University
Greenville, South Carolina 29613

Baptist Infidelity: The Principle of Religious Liberty: pg. 13-32

Jeff B. Pool
Phillips Graduate Seminary
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

Plots, Gaps, Repetitions, and Ambiguity in Luke 15: pg. 33-42

George W. Ramsey
Presbyterian College
Clinton, South Carolina 29325

Paul Knitter's Presuppositions for Interfaith-Dialogue: A Critique: pg. 43-52
Thor Hall
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403

Why Is There No One Debate Between "Communitarians" and "Liberals" - A Review Article: pg. 53-70
L. Gregory Jones
Loyola College in Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland 21210

Issue 02 -- Summer 1990

Toward a Code of Ethics for New Testament Scholars: "Heavenly Labials in a World of Gutturals": pg. 101-16
Charles W. Hedrick
Southwest Missouri State University
Springfield, Missouri 65804

The Pedagogy of Religion: A Study in the Thought of Joseph Kitagawa: pg. 117-28
Glenn T. Miller
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Wake Forest, North Carolina 2758

The "Transmission of Tradition" and the "Academic Freedom- Ecclesiastical Control" Debate: Three Models: pg. 129-40
Ron Farmer
University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, Missouri 65211

Leaving and Receiving: A Social-Scientific Exegesis of Mark 10:29-31: pg. 141-54
David M. May
Central Missouri State University
Warrensburg, Missouri 64093-5060

The Corrections of the Scribes: pg. 155-66

Kenneth E. Craig, Jr.
Chowan College
Murfreesboro, North Carolina 27855

Partly Fearing, Partly Hoping: Evangelicals, Southern Baptists and the Quest for a New Consensus-A Review Article: pg. 167-72
Timothy George
Beeson Divinity School
Samford University
Birmingham, Alabama 35229

Issue 03 -- Fall 1990

Textual and Translation Problems in the Book of Esther: pg. 197-208
Walter Harrelson
Vanderbilt Divinity School
Nashville, Tennessee 37240

Some Neglected Theological Dimensions of Paul's Letter to Philemon: pg. 209-20
Marion L. Soards
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky 40205

Baptist and People of Other Faiths: pg. 221-36
Alan Neely
Princeton Theological Seminary
Princeton, New Jersey 08542-0803

Divine Pathos and Human Sympathy: Saying Yes and No to Gustafson's Theocentric Ethics: pg. 237-52
Fred Glennon
974 North Carter Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30030

Rediscovering the Radical Christian Consensus: The Theology of Thomas Oden - A Review Article: pg. 253-60
Ralph C. Wood
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27109

Issue 04 -- Winter 1990

Bernard Ramm: Postfundamentalist Coming to Terms with Modernity: pg. 15-26
Clark H. Pinnock
McMaster Divinity School

Bernard Ramm: Karl Barth and the Future of American Evangelicalism: pg. 27-42
R. Albert Mohler
The Christian Index

Bernard L. Ramm's Apologetic Use of Philosophy: pg. 43-54

J. Deotis Roberts
Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Modern Science and Contemporary Biblical Interpretation: Ramm's Contribution: pg. 55-68

Bob E. Patterson
Baylor University

The Ethics of Bernard Ramm: pg. 69-80

Vernon C. Grounds
Denver Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary

Bernard Ramm and the Challenge of Religious Pluralism: pg. 81-88
Molly Marshall-Green
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

A Bibliography of the Writings of Bernard L. Rarnm: pg. 89
Murdina MacDonald
Atlantic Christian College