1988 Volume 15

Issue 01 -- Spring 1988

Perspectives on Scripture and Tradition: A Response by Dale Moody
Dale Moody
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Falling In and Out of Love with Religion

Frederick Sontag
Pomona College

Dancing a Little Sidestep: The Southern Baptist Peace Committee Report
Charles W. Hedrick
Southwest Missouri State University

On Religious Authority: A Philosophical and Theological Perspective
Donald W. Musser
Stetson University

Compassion and Knowledge in Wagner's Parsifal

James Breckenridge
Baylor University

Two Notes on Apostasy
Robert L. Perkins
Stetson University

Structuralism, Mermeneutics, and the Gospel of Mark: A Review Article

Michael A. Harris
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Issue 02 -- Summer 1988

Participation in the Issues of Women and Ministry in the New Testament
David M. Scholer
Northern Baptist Theological Seminary

The Remnant Theme: A Survey of New Testament Research, 1921-1987

James W. Watts
New Haven, Connecticut

The Politics of the Messiah: A New Reading of Micah 4:14-5:5
Randall J. Pannell
Sugar Land, Texas

"Allegorizing Allegory": Narrative Analysis and Parable Interpretation
Mikeal C. Parsons
Baylor University

World-Affirmation and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: A Review Article
W. Clyde Tilley
Union University

Issue 03 -- Fall 1988

The Whale and the Elephant: Barth and Bultmann in Dialogue
David L. Mueller
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

A Response to the "Barth-Bultmann" Dialogue
Elizabeth Barnes
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Theology: An Experimental Science?
Nancey C. Murphy
Graduate Theological Union

In Defense of Academic Freedom: The Bookends of Philip Schaff's Career
George H. Shriver
Georgia Southern College

Presbyterians and Jews: A Theological Exploration of "The Book of Confessions"
Stephen R. Haynes
Decatur, Georgia

Karl Barth and Politics A Review Article

Alexander J. McKelway
Davidson College

Issue 04 -- Winter 1988

Walter Harrelson: Scholar and Believer
James L. Crenshaw
Duke University

A Mother's Instruction to Her Son (Proverbs 31: 1-9)
James L. Crenshaw
Duke University

Solomon and the Origins of Wisdom in Israel
Ronald E. Clements
King's College

Zelophehad's Daughters

Katharine Doob Sakenfeld
Princeton Theological Seminary

Religious Conversion and the Societal Origins of Ancient Israel

Norman K. Gottwald
New York Theological Seminary

The Redaction of Ezra 4-6: A Plea for a Theology of Scribes
Hans H.-Mallau
Baptist Theological Seminary

The Treatment of Earlier Biblical Themes in the Book of Daniel
Rex A. Mason
Regent's Park College

Double Literary Editions of Biblical Narratives and Reflections on Determining the Form to be Translated
Eugene Ulrich
University of Notre Dame