1986 Volume 13

Issue 01 -- Spring 1986

Synthesis and Schism in the Johannine Community and the Southern Baptist Convention: pg. 1-20
R. Alan Culpepper
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky

What Is the Gospel?: pg. 21-44
Ted Peters
Pacific Lutheran Seminary
Berkeley, California

Our Father/My Father: The Interpenetration of Religious and Familial Imagery in the Puritan Conception of the Father: pg. 45-54
Michael R. McCoy
Ferrum College
Ferrum, Virginia

The Bible as Spiritual Friend: pg. 55-64
Charles H. Talbert
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

James Schall's Contribution to the Debate over Liberation Theology: A Review Article - pg. 65
Edwin D. Johnston
Mercer University
Macon, Georgia

Issue 02 -- Summer 1986

Did Luke Know Any of the Pauline letters?: pg. 97-112
Michael D. Goulder
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, England

Supernatural Rationalism of Jonathan Mayhew: pg. 113-124
Alan Gragg
Brewton-Parker College
Mt. Vernon, Georgia 30445

Bioethical Decision Making Where the Buck Stops: pg. 125-136
Richard C. McMillan
Mercer University School of Medicine
Macon, Georgia 31207

Theology and Biography: Simple Suggestions for a Promising Field: pg. 137-150
David Nelson Duke
William Jewell College
Liberty, Missouri 64068

Religion and Politics A Proper Mix: pg. 151-160
James M. Dunn
Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs
Washington, DC 20002

Pannenberg's Theological Anthropology: A Review Article: pg. 161
Roger E. Olson
Bethel College
St. Paul, Minnesota 55112

Issue 03 - Fall 1986

The Common Ground of Liberals and Fundamentalists: pg. 197
Tyron Inbody
United Theological Seminary

The Human Self-Realization of God: Hegelian Elements in Pannenberg's Christology: pg. 109-206
Roger E. Olson
Bethel College

Job and the Age of the Patriarchs in the Old Testament: pg. 207-28

Duane L. Christensen
American Baptist Seminary of the West

The Role of the Spirit in Texts: James Sanders, Paul Achtemeier, and Process Theology: pg. 229-240
R. Garland Young
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Sin and Consciousness of Sin in Schleiermacher: pg. 241-262
Robert L. Vance
Meredith College

Strength Through Diversity: A Review Article: pg. 263
Rosalie Beck
Baylor University

Issue 04 -- Winter 1986

Editorial Introduction: pg. 5-6
David M. Scholer
Northern Baptist Seminary

Robert G. Torbet: Scholar-Teacher, Churchman: pg. 7-16
Norman H. Maring
Eastern Baptist Seminary

Robert G. Torbet: A Bibliography: pg. 17-22

Jane Millikan
Northern Baptist Seminar

The Principle of Religious Freedom and the Dynamics of Baptist History: pg. 23-34
Robert T. Handy
Union Seminary

Isaac Backus: Eighteenth Century Light on the Contemporary School Prayer Issue: pg. 35-46
Stanley J. Grenz
North American Seminary

Fundamentalism and the South: pg. 47-66
Samuel S. Hill
University of Florida

"Commonly, (Though Falsely) Called . . .": Reflections on the Search for Baptist Identity: pg. 67-82
William H. Brackney
Eastern Baptist Seminary

The Essence of Baptists: A Reexamination: pg. 83-104
Eric H. Ohlmann
Northern Baptist Seminary

The Baptist Association in Colonial America: pg. 105-20
Walter B. Shurden
Mercer University

The Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry Document: An Outline of One Baptist Reflection: pg. 121

David M. Scholer
Northern Baptist Seminary