1984 Volume 11

Issue 01 -- Spring 1984

Barth and Bultmann: Representatives of Two Ancient Theological Traditions: pg. 5-18
Charles L Waldrop
Albany Law School

A Comprehensive Bibliography of Pastoral Care: pg. 19-30

Wayne E. Oates
University of Louisville

Preaching the Parables: Preserving Three Main Paints: pg. 31-42
Craig L. Blomberg
Palm Beach Atlantic College

The New Quest and Christology: pg. 43-56
Randy L. Maddox
Sioux Falls College

The Perspective of Universal Knowledge: A Review Article: pg. 57
Alvin Moore Jr.
Carrollton Georgia

Issue 02 -- Summer 1984

On Wearing Two Hats While Standing on a Banana Peel: Confessional Statements in Theological Education: pg. 105-114
Charles W. Hedrick
Southwest Missouri State University

Homologies and Hymns in the New Testament: pg. 115-132
W. Hulitt Gloer
Midwestern Baptist Seminary

Shakespeare's "Ages of Man" and the Development of the Early Church: pg. 133-138
Paul Trudinger
University of Winnipeg

The Story of Jesus Christ and Process Theology: Some Reflections: pg. 139-152
William L. Power
University of Georgia

Confrontation in the Temple: Luke 19:45-20:47: pg. 153-166
James M. Dawsey
Auburn University

Once Again: A New Series of Commentaries A Review Article: pg. 167
Charles H. Talbert
Wake Forest University

Issue 03 -- Fall 1984

Controversy, Maturity, and Tolerance: pg. 193-198
Bob E. Patterson
Baylor University

Acts 3:12-29: Peter's Speech and the Healing of the Man Born Lame: pg. 199-218
Dennis Hamm
Creighton University

Mark 14:51-52 and the Problem of Gospel Narrative: pg. 219-232
Michael R. Cosby
Emory University

Irony in the Book of Jonah: Audience Identification with the Hero: pg. 233-242
Mona West
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Misplaced Concreteness in the Problem of Evil: pg. 243-256
Frank Louis Mauldin
University of Tennessee

The Theory of "Fictive" Religion: A Requiem for Theology: pg. 257- 272
Robert H. Ayers
University of Georgia

The Theory and Practice of Structural Exegesis- A Review Article: pg. 273
Elizabeth Struthers Malbon
Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Issue 04 -- Winter 1984

Frank Stagg: Teaching Prophet: pg. 1-16
Malcolm Tolbert
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Bibliography of Theological Works by Frank Stagg: pg. 17-26
Roger L. Omanson
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The Study of Hellenistic Greek Grammar in the Light of Contemporary Linguistics: pg. 27-38
Daryl Schmidt
Texas Christian University

Is Bezae a Homogeneous Codex?: pg. 39-54
George E. Rice
Andrews University

Polarities at the Roots of New Testament Thought: pg. 55-76

Hendrikus Boers
Emory University

The New Testament and Ethics: How Do We Get from There to Here?: pg. 77-94

Robin Scroggs
Chicago Theological Seminary

Paul's Understanding of the Holy Spirit: The Evidence of 1 Corinthians 12-14: pg. 95

Charles H. Talbert
Wake Forest University