1983 Volume 10

Issue 01 -- Spring 1983

Rethinking the Possibility of Biblical Theology: pg. 5-13
James H. Ware

Christopher Lasch and a Renewed Theory of the Family: pg. 15-32
Guy B. Hammond

Biblical Archaelogy in Transition: pg. 33-39
J. Kenneth Eakins

Singularity and a Pattern of Sin, Punishment, and Forgiveness: pg. 41-50
F. Louis. Mauldin

Communion for Dogs (Abendmahl fur Hunde): pg. 51-61
Charles M. Nielsen

The Most Dangerous Conversation: A Review Article: pg. 63-73
Fisher Humphreys

Issue 02 -- Summer 1983

If I Taught Religious Studies in a Hungry World: pg. 101-10
Clyde Tilley

Developing an Indigenous Ethic for the Middle Class: pg. 111-22
S. Dennis Ford

Science and the Denial of the Miraculous: Another Look: pg. 123-33
John Collins

Scripture and Authority: Two Views of the Josianic Reformation: pg. 135-43
S. Daniel Breslauer

Acts 6:1-7 and Dietary Regulations in Early Christianity: pg. 145-61
Joseph B. Tyson

The Jews in Eighteenth-Century Georgia: pg. 163-73
Frank E. Eakin, Jr.

Was It So True? A Review Article: pg. 175-80

Edd Rowell

Issue 03 -- Fall 1983

Inerrantism as Narcissism: Biblical Authority as a Cultural Problem: pg. 203-13
James G. Moseley

Possessions in Luke- Acts: A Sociological Perspective: pg. 215-39

Donald B. Kraybill and Dennis M. Sweetland

The Theological Function of Petitionary Prayer in the Thought of Philo: pg. 241-54
Sharyn Dowd

What is a Gospel? Geography, Time and Narrative Structure: pg. 255-68
Charles W. Hedrick

Dale Moody's "The Word of Truth": A Review Article: pg. 269-78
Alan Gragg