1982 Volume 09

Issue 01 -- Spring 1982

Morton T. Kelsey: Theologian of Experience: pg. 5-20
E. Glenn Hinson

Schleiermacher: Theology Without a Fall: pg. 21- 37
David Nelson Duke

Otto's View on Language: The Evidence of Das Heilige: pg. 39-48
Christine Wenderoth

Trying the Spirits: The Heresy Trials of the Nineteenth Century as Cultural Events: pg. 49-63
Glenn T. Miller

Analogous Fulfillment: The Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament: pg. 65-76
Jack Weir

The Role of John R. Mott in Christian Missions: A Review Article: pg. 77-89
Olin T. Binkley

Issue 02 -- Summer 1982

Process Theology: An Alternative Model for Christian Thinking: pg. 113-30
Claude Y. Stewart, Jr.

Hebrew Prophecy and Social Criticism: Some Observations for Perspective: pg. 131-43
J. Andrew Dearman

Paul's Apology to the Corinthians: pg. 145-55
J. Bradley Chance

Is Whitehead's God the "God Who Acts"?: pg. 157-70
Sharyn Dowd

Confusing Your Enemy and Confounding Those That Persecute You: pg. 171-76
Edwin S. Gaustad

Christian Realism and Liberation Theology: Confrontation and Dialogue Between Two Theological Visions: pg. 177-91
John C. Shelley, Jr.

Issue 03 -- Fall 1982

Religion as a Point of View: pg. 209-27
Donald L. Berry

On the Meaning of "Man" and Maybe "Woman": pg. 229-36
James S. Cutsinger

The Way of the Lukan Jesus: Dimensions of Lukan Spirituality: pg. 237-49
Charles H. Talbert

The Socratic and Johannine SHMEION as Divine Manifestation: pg. 251-65
Paul Ciholas

Unexpected Light on Hebrews 13:1-6 from a Second Century Source: pg. 267-74
William L. Lane

The NABPR Publications Program: pg. 275-82
Watson E. Mills