1981 Volume 08

Issue 01 -- Spring 1981

Jesus, John the Baptist, and the Herods: pg. 4-11
Pierson Parker

Hans Küng-in Limbo?: pg. 12-24
David L. Mueller

The Ontological Context of God's Omniscience and Man's Freedom: pg. 25-39
Ronald L. Hall

Resurrection Theology: The Corinthian Controversy Reexamined: pg. 41-54
Karl A. Plank

The Functional Christology of Hans Kling: A Review Article: pg. 55-65
Thomas H. Graves

Issue 02 -- Summer 1981

Reflections on Christology: pg. 88-96
R. F. Aldwinckle

Judaism's Christian Problems During the Colonial Period: pg. 97-115
Frank E. Eakin, Jr.

The Encounter of Christianity and Islam: The Missionary Theology of Kenneth Cragg: pg. 117-27
George W. Braswell, Jr.

Teaching the Holocaust: The Role of Theology: pg. 128-42
A. J. Conyers

Biblical Argument in the Capital Punishment Debate: pg. 143-53
James J. Megivern

God as Revealed Mystery: A Review Article: pg. 154-61
David L. Mueller

Issue 03 -- Fall 1981

The Pain of God in the Theology of Kazoh Kitamori: pg. 184-200
Warren McWilliams

B. W. Bacon on John and Mark: pg. 201-18
D. Moody Smith

Renewed Interest in Ancient Moab: pg. 219-29
J. Maxwell Miller

Biology Texts Under Fire: A Case Study in Science and Religion: pg. 231-44
Dean R. Fowler

Marney: A Christian Pilgrim: A Review Article: pg. 245-58
Theron D. Price and Ralph C. Woods