1980 Volume 07

Issue 01 -- Spring 1980

Johannine Traditions in Logion 61 of the Gospel of Thomas: 24-37
Jesse Sell

Liturgy and Lebensform: The Personal God as a Social Being: pg. 38-49
William H. Swatos, Jr.

Thinking Authentically: A Reply to Martin's 'Language, Theology and Subject Life': pg. 50-59
Michael Kraff

Structuralism and Hermeneutics: A Review Article: pg. 60- 70
Daniel Patte

Issue 02 -- Summer 1980

Tradition and Social Change in Ancient Israel: pg. 96-113
John Van Seters

A Functional Approach to the Biblical Languages: pg. 114-21
Allan R. McAllaster

The Salvation of History: History and the End in Reinhold Niebuhr: pg. 122-33
David W. Rutledge

Language Theory and Hermeneutics in the Thought of Horace Bushnell: pg. 134-50
J. W. Stines

The Stoldt-Conzelmann Controversy: A Review Article: pg. 152-62
William R. Farmer

Issue 03 -- Fall 1980

The View of Medieval Biblical Exegesis in Calvin's Institutes: pg. 188-93
Robert H. Ayers

The Hope of the Early Paul: From the Foundation-Preaching at Thessalonika to 1 Cor. 15:51-57: pg. 195-201
Gerd Luedemann

Schleiermacher's Concept of Religion: pg. 203-13
Gerry C. Heard

John Macquarrie on God: pg. 215-26
Eugene Thomas Long

God Incarnate: Myth or Truth? A Review Article: pg. 227- 36
A. J. Mattill, Jr.