1979 Volume 06

Issue 01 -- Spring 1979

Redaction Criticism: On the Nature and Exposition of the Gospels: pg. 4-16
Werner H. Kelber

Literature and Ethics: Some Possibilities for Religious Thought: pg. 17-23
James G. Moseley

Pain, Suffering, and Christian Theodicy: pg. 24-32
Ellis W. Hollon, Jr.

Christianity and Emperor Worship from Hadrian to Constantine: pg. 34-44
Donald L. Jones

Beyond 'Mere Transcendence': The Riddle of Hegel's Phenomenology: pg. 46-64
Warren McWilliams

Wittgensteinian Fideism or Analytical Orderliness in Nygren's Meaning and Method?: pg. 66-75
Thor Hall

Issue 02 -- Summer 1979

Prefaces in Greco-Roman Biography and Luke-Acts: pg. 94-108
Vernon K. Robbins

Toward a Definition of the Authority of the Bible: pg. 109-20
Robert G. Bratcher

American National Character: Republican Government, Poverty, and the Sunday School: pg. 121-41
Fred Hood

Responsibility and Intention: Reflections on the Problem of God's Will and Human Suffering: pg. 142-51
Ronald L. Hall

Liberation Theology: Challenge to World, Church and Academy: pg. 152-61
Robert T. Osborn

Issue 03 -- Fall 1979

Traditions and the Tradition: The Origin and Authority of "Core" Traditions: pg. 184-89
Walter Harrelson

An Interpretation of Acts 7:35- 37: From the Perspective of Major Themes in Luke-Acts: pg. 190-207
Jane Via

The Shape of Things to Come: Societal and Psychological Dimensions of World Mission: pg. 208- 23
George W. Braswell, Jr.

The Love Command in Parable: Luke 10:25-37: pg. 224-42
Peter Rhea Jones

An Atheist Reconsiders Religion: A Review Article: pg. 243-53
Francis H. Touchet