1978 Volume 05

Issue 01 -- Spring 1978

The Authorship of the Second Gospel: pg. 4-9
Pierson Parker

What's the Use? The Interrogative Mood of Christian Liberal Arts Education: pg. 10-14
John S. Reist, Jr.

Normative Views of the Humanum in a Secular Era: A Study of Religion in Social Context: pg. 15-23
Paul R. Johnson

On Getting It All Together: The Ecumenism Yet To Be: pg. 24-29
L. Paul Trudinger

Scripture as Realistic Narrative: Some Preliminary Questions -- (1978): pg. 30-39
William C. Placher

Conditions for Entering the Kingdom According to St. Matthew: pg. 40-51

G. Todd Wilson

The Bible and the Battle of Faith: pg. 52-56

A. J. Mattill, Jr.

Issue 02 -- Summer 1978

Objectivity vs. Faithfulness: A Running Contest in Teaching Religion: pg. 70-78
Julian N. Hartt

A Theological Goal for Christian Education: pg. 79-87
Richard C. McMillan

Reinhold Niebuhr's Relevance: pg. 88-93
Bob E. Patterson

Yahwistic Kerygma in the Jacob Narratives: pg. 94-100
Joe O. Lewis

Morality, Profit and TV: pg. 101-107
Robert L. Perkins

Nature as Art: Kant's Version of the Argument from Design: pg. 108-15
Michael Kraff

The Nature of New Testament Ethics: pg. 116- 22

William G. Johnsson

Issue 03 -- Fall 1978

The Opposition to Jesus in the Gospel of Luke: pg. 134-40
Joseph B. Tyson

Textual Criticism for Luke- Acts: pg. 141-154
Frank Stagg

Some Questions of the Role of Archaeology and Biblical Studies: pg. 155-162
James Kautz

British Baptist Ministers Who Settled in America 1790-1825: pg. 163-71
George J. Griffin

Language, Theology and the Subject Life: pg. 172-182
Dean M. Martin

The Ecclesiastical Development in Theory and Practice of John Robinson and Henry Jacob: pg. 183-97
Slayden A. Yarbrough

The Birth of the Messiah: pg. 198-202
Charles H. Talbert