1977 Volume 04

Issue 01 -- Spring 1977

Patient Love in the Testament of Joseph: pg. 4-13
Walter Harrelson
Vanderbilt University

Can the City Be Saved? Toward a Biblical Urbanology: pg. 14-22
E. Luther Copeland
Seinan-Gakuin University

The Sacramental Character of All Christian Experience: pg. 23-36
Bernard Lee, S.M.
St. John's University
Collegeville, Minnesota

Religion of the Plain Folk in the Southern United States: A Teaching Design: pg. 37-55
Robert W. Crapps
Furman University

ABPR: Fifty Years: pg. 56-64
Douglas J. Harris
William Jewell College

Christology and Pluralism: pg. 65
John M. Lewis
Raleigh, North Carolina

Issue 02 - Summer 1977

Some Reflections on the Assumption of Moses: pg. 92-111
John Priest
Florida State University

Content Analysis, Computers and the Scientific Method in Biblical Studies: pg. 112-40
J. Arthur Baird
The College of Wooster

Death With Dignity: Christians Confront Euthanasia: pg. 141-59

Paul D. Simmons
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Monotheism and Kingship in Ancient Memphis: A Study in Egyptian Mythology: pg. 160-73
Ted Peters
Loyola University

New Perspectives on Paul Tillich: pg. 174-99
Alexander J. McKelway
Davidson College

Issue 03 - Fall 1977

The Contribution of Theology to the Comprehension of History: pg. 200-8
Langdon Gilkey
University of Chicago

Shared Concerns: The Search for a Usable Future: pg. 209-24
Theron Price
Furman University

Wisdom, Creation and Covenant: pg. 225-40
Frank E. Eakin, Jr.
University of Richmond

Reductionism and Religious Explanation: pg. 241-52
Joe E. Barnhardt
North Texas State University

Alive to Death-Dead to Life: A Human Dilemma: pg. 253-68
Charles Thomas Davis
Appalachian State University

Ethics and Freedom: pg. 269
Roger H. Crook
Meredith College