1976 Volume 03

Issue 01 -- Spring 1976

Structure and Meaning in Biblical Narrative: pg. 3-19
Edgar V. McKnight
Furman University

The Bread and Fish Eucharist in the Gospels and Early Christian Art: pg. 20-47
Richard H. Hiers
University of Florida
Charles A. Kennedy
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Some Religious Symbols in Sri Aurobindo's Savitri: pg. 48-65
John Collins
Wake Forest University

Contest with The Castle: A Study of Franz Kafka: pg. 66-81
Maurice Luker
Emory and Henry College

Paul's Opponents at Philippi: pg. 82-95
Joseph B. Tyson
Southern Methodist University

Some American Attitudes Toward Death: pg. 96-101
Everett V. Reneer
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Issue 02 -- Summer 1976

Parable Interpretation and the World Disclosed by the Parable: pg. 123-39
William A. Beardslee
Emory University

Presuppositions of Scientific Theology: pg. 140-49
Karl E. Peters
Rollins College

Teaching Courses in Bible: The Problem of Defining a Methodological Perspective: pg. 150-68
Alan Hauser
Appalachian State University

Some Reflections on the Christian Encounter with Other Faiths: pg. 169-87
Burlan A. Sizemore, Jr.
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Knowledge and Faith: Pauline Platonisms and Spiritualization of Reality: pg. 188-202
Paul Ciholas
University of Kentucky

Autobiographical Journals: pg. 203-16
Ron Gestwicki
University of North Carolina, Charlotte

On Religion in American Life: pg. 217-20
Carlton T. Mitchell
Wake Forest University

Issue 03 -- Fall 1976

The Post-Sectarian Character of Matthew and Its Post-War Setting in Antioch of Syria: pg. 235-47
William F. Farmer
Perkins School of Theology

A New Chronology for the Life and Letters of Paul: pg. 248-71
Dale Moody
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Christianity As An Hermeneutic: pg. 272-90
Samuel J. Mikolaski
North American Baptist Seminary

Society, Knowledge and Religion: The Perspective of Peter Berger: pg. 291-305
Paul R. Johnson
D'Youville College

Jesus and the American Vision: Significant American Contributions in the Search to Understand Jesus: pg. 306-28
Charles Thomas Davis, III
Appalachian State University

Neglected Wealth from the East: pg. 329-35
J. William Angell
Wake Forest University