1975 Volume 02

Issue 01 -- Spring 1975

Imagining the Early Christians: Some Problems in an Introductory Course in New Testament: pg. 3-12
Wayne A. Meeks
Yale University

The Ecumenical Movement: Will Southern Baptists Ever Get With it? pg. 13-30
E. Luther Copeland
Southeastern Seminary

Tax Support for Church-Related Colleges: The Implications of the Tilton Decision: pg. 31-40
Bernard Cochran
Meredith College

Religious Liberty and Baptist Colleges: pg. 41-64
Hugh Wamble
Midwestern Seminary

The Redefinition of Intercessory Prayer in Contemporary Theology: pg. 65-80
Thomas Furman Hewitt
Duke University

Ideology and Theology: pg. 81-96
John J. Carey
Florida State University

Hume, Darwin, Mark, Freud, Troeltsch: Their Criticism of the Christian Faith and Some Recent Theological Responses: pg. 97-100
Edwin D. Johnston
Mercer University

Issue 02 -- Fall 1975

"Who Do Men Say That I am?" Modern Scholarship on Gospel Christology: pg. 107-24
Raymond E. Brown
Union Theological Seminary

Some Thoughts on the Fourth Eclogue: pg. 125-45
Stephen Benko
California State University
Fresno, California

Fixing Man's Beliefs About God: pg. 146-59
William L. Power
University of Georgia

Chinese Religions and the Religion of China: pg. 160-90
O'Hyun Park
Appalachian State University

The Dynamics of Conversion: Toward a Working Model: pg. 191-202
C. Earl Leininger
Mars Hill College

Does Qumran Cave 7 Contain New Testament Materials? pg. 203-14
Russell Lester
Baylor University

Eagle and Serpent: The Concept of Duality in Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica: pg. 215-32
Franke J. Neumann
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

A Future for Philosophical Theology? pg. 233-38
Ellis W. Hollon, Jr.
Southeastern Seminary