1974 Volume 01

Issue 01 – Spring 1974

Ministry: Intentionality and Intervention: pg. 3-14
Martin E. Marty
University of Chicago

A Tillichian Analysis of James Cone's Black Theology: pg. 15-28
Robinson B. James
University of Richmond

The Impact of Nineteenth Century Philosophy on Biblical Authority: pg. 29-42
Harold H. Oliver
Boston University

The Canon and Authority of the Bible: pg. 43-51
T. C. Smith
Furman University

God Gets His Man: A Study of Graham Greene: pg. 52-58
Penrose St. Amant
Ruschlikon Seminary

The Fountainhead of the Metaphysical Enterprise: pg. 59-65
R. Kirby Godsey
Averett College

The Catholicizing of Contemplation: Thomasa Merton's Place in the Church's Prayer: pg. 66-84
E. Glenn Hinson
Southern Seminary

On Justifying the Church in an Anti-Institutional Culture: pg. 85-87
Ralph C. Wood
Wake Forest University

Issue 02 – Fall 1974

The New Testament in Current Study: pg. 103-19
Reginald H. Fuller
Virginia Episcopal Seminary

Biblical Authority in the Free Church Tradition: pg. 120-33
Stewaret A. Newman
Campbell College

Jesus' History and Our History: pg. 134-42
Wolfhart Pannenberg
University of Munich

Transcendence and Herr Professor: pg. 143-50
F. Robert Otto
Mercer University

An Appraisal of Intent in Baptist Affirmations: pg. 151-64
William L. Lumpkin
Southeastern Seminary

Changing Conceptions of "Christian Experience" in Representative Contemporary Protestant Theologians: pg. 165-86
David L. Mueller
Southern Seminary

Seventy-two Years of the Messianic Secret: pg. 187-94
James L. Blevins
Mars Hill College