Perspectives in Religions Studies Monograph Series

Dear Colleagues:

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new series of academic books entitled the Perspectives in Religious Studies Monograph Series (PRSMS), sponsored by the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion (NABPR) and published by Baylor University Press.

PRSMS will publish creative, high-quality scholarly books from a wide range of academic writers.  Its goal is to feature work offering in-depth engagement with recent research in the field of religion.  PRSMS is particularly interested in publishing books that engage faith, scholarship and society in ways that advance continuing conversation about Baptist identity and practices.

In the past, the NABPR has maintained several different series:  a Bibliographic Series, a Dissertation Series and a Special Studies Series.  A decision was reached last year to combine these various titles into a single series for increased focus and impact.

We encourage you to consider this new series as you develop your own future writing projects and to recommend it to other colleagues and promising doctoral students.  For further information, or to submit manuscripts, please contact Stephen B. Chapman at

 With best regards,

The PRSMS Editorial Board

Stephen B. Chapman (Chair), Duke Divinity School
Jaime Clark-Soles, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University
Valerie Bridgeman Davis, Memphis Theological Seminary
Charles J. Scalise, Fuller Theological Seminary Northwest
Beth Newman, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond
Doug Weaver, Baylor University