Provost's Charge

Baylor University ACE Internationalization Lab Steering Committee

20 November 2020


ACE’s Internationalization Lab is an inclusive ​learning community that provides leadership for a systematic and collaborative approach to internationalization and global engagement at Baylor University.  Our participation in the Lab makes Baylor one of more than 160 institutions that have made a serious and sustainable commitment to internationalization that advances their core mission. Baylor’s Lab Co-Chairs and Steering Committee will work as a leadership team to reflect on the university’s goals, values, and assets; develop and define a strategy for comprehensive internationalization; and design a means to assess our ongoing achievements. Co-Chairs Jeff Hamilton (Global Engagement), Tiffany Hogue (Education), Liz Palacios (Student Life), and Ben Cox (Institutional Effectiveness) will direct the work of the Lab.


The charge of the Baylor University ACE Internationalization Lab Steering Committee is to:

  • Lead the process to ensure that our community works together as a campus to develop and implement an integrated internationalization strategy;
  • Provide oversight of the work of the Internationalization Lab Steering Committee (Chairs) and the sub-committees;
  • Inspire inclusive campus-wide dialogue that guides discernment about the meaning of comprehensive internationalization and its role advancing Baylor’s mission;
  • Serve as the liaison between the Steering Committee and the Baylor community to maximize comprehensive campus ownership of the planning process and implementation;
  • Create a culture of collaborative learning and participation during the planning and implementation process; and
  • Provide oversight in executing, evaluating, and refining Baylor’s plan.

Role of the American Council on Education

ACE will assist Baylor University in the following activities:

  • Review current institutional activities related to internationalization and global engagement;
  • Identify internationalization challenges, obstacles, and opportunities;
  • Develop an action plan, assessment, and desired student learning outcomes;
  • Recommend internationalization goals and strategies;
  • Connect Baylor to resources and research from the field;
  • Define key issues, facilitate dialogue, and promote collective thinking; and
  • Build support for comprehensive internationalization across campus.