Faculty Checklist for Fall 2020

Dear Colleagues,

For easy reference, below is a list of information and considerations related to COVID-19 to be aware of as you plan to deliver your courses this fall. Please take time to read through the included policies and statements, as they may answer some of the questions you likely have. Once again, please know that I am extremely grateful for your flexibility and for all of your work to make this fall a success.

Policies and Statements
  • Recommended syllabus statements (online or face-to-face) have been posted for courses that will be presented in face-to-face or hybrid formats, as well as for courses that will presented online. This includes attendance policy statements, office hours for online courses, and potential online transition statements essential for fall 2020 semester.
  • Office hours may be held virtually or in-person (as long as face masks and social distancing are used). The important thing is for faculty to be accessible to their students.
  • In-Person Exam Policy for Fall 2020 with exam rescheduling form
  • Face Covering Policy (Note that any student who refuses to wear a face covering in class must adjust their course schedule to all online courses. Such a student will not be permitted to attend in-person. If said student refuses to leave class, the instructor may dismiss in-person class for the day, and the student will be subject to disciplinary action through the Student Code of Conduct.)
Course delivery and modality
  • Each course needs a remote delivery option for ill and/or quarantined students. Rooms with cameras or microphones will be scheduled to automatically record and upload class sessions to each instructor’s private media library in Canvas. (Visit www.baylor.edu/learningtogether/classroomtech for remote delivery options and assistance.)
  • Faculty should have a back-up plan for delivering their courses in the event they either need to self-quarantine or they become ill for an extended period of time. (Please contact your department chair for assistance.)
  • Faculty should be prepared to transition courses to online delivery should the need arise. (Visit www.baylor.edu/learningtogether for information and assistance.)
  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to connect with their chairs and their Academic Technology Directors (where applicable) to find time to test the technology in their respective classrooms (while wearing the face covering they plan to use while teaching) prior to their first class. (Visit www.baylor.edu/learningtogether/classroomtech for information.)
  • All faculty teaching an online or hybrid course must go through the corresponding professional development prior to the beginning of class. (Visit the Faculty Learning Hub for information and assistance.)
  • We are partnering with iDesign to provide faculty with resources for teaching in general and to provide excellent guidance on designing courses in a variety of modalities. Additionally, we will work with iDesign to plan for the implementation of professional development at scale should the University need to shift more of our courses online due to a worsening COVID-19 situation.
  • Faculty are encouraged to take advantage of multiple offerings through the Academy for Teaching and Learning, specifically the Seminars for Excellence in Teaching. Follow the link below for more details: www.baylor.edu/atl/index.php?id=873859
Student Course Evaluations
  • The evaluation tool used during the spring semester will be used again in the fall. The results will be provided to Department Chairs to be used in performance reviews. As always, we strongly encourage the use of multiple indicators when assessing the quality of teaching.
Resources for Training and Technology
COVID Testing and Contact Tracing
  • Faculty have no obligation in the communication process for a student testing positive for COVID. Faculty will be notified by the student if the student needs an alternative course delivery option due to illness. Faculty will also be notified by a contact tracer if it is possible they may have come into close contact with a student or other person who has tested positive.
  • COVID test requirement prior to returning to campus
  • Ongoing COVID testing is also being planned for after class starts, and information will be sent out once those plans have been finalized.
  • We are developing contact tracing protocols according to the latest guidance from the CDC and other public health entities. With the masking and social distancing measures we have instituted for the fall, only those in direct contact with a student would be subject to self-quarantine.
  • Faculty should create seating charts to facilitate contact tracing, with students sitting in the same seat for each class session. Canvas has great resources for helping construct these.
Additional information on returning to campus
  • Faculty, staff, and students should not come to campus if they are ill or even mildly symptomatic.
  • Every student, faculty, and staff member will receive a Family First Care Kit prior to the start of the fall semester. Each kit will contain a Baylor-branded face mask, hand-sanitizer, thermometer, water bottle and COVID-19 instructional materials to help keep our campus community healthy and safe.
  • Childcare/caregiver concerns – Individual departments will attempt to accommodate additional online teaching requests as those requests align with student demand. Switching a face-to-face course to an online course should be avoided if at all possible since students considered modality of instruction when they registered.
  • Return-to-work checklists for all employees and for managers (including self-screening and hygiene guidelines)
  • FAQs on returning to on-campus work

Best regards,

Nancy Brickhouse, Ph.D.