Recommended Syllabus Statements for Fall 2020

Fall 2020 F2F syllabus

Fall 2020 Syllabus Online

Dear Colleagues,

Please read this entire message carefully.

Attached are two documents that contain recommended statements for inclusion in your syllabi.  The statements in one document are intended for use in courses that will be presented in face-to-face or hybrid formats, and the statements in the other are intended for use in courses that will be presented online.  Some of the statements include passages that each faculty member would want to customize according to the features of each particular class.

We distribute a list of these statements prior to each semester, and we believe that it would be advisable for most or all of the statements to be included in each class syllabus, as each of them supports effective class management and/or the distribution of important information about our campus culture.  However, it is particularly important in the case of this semester that faculty include the statements pertinent to the COVID-19 situation in their syllabi.  These include the statements about Attendance, Accommodations, Face Coverings, and Class Format Conversion (the potential for classroom courses to go online), as well as others that might need special attention during this time, such as those regarding Office Hours and access to the University Writing Center.  We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that such statements be included in all syllabi.

We deeply appreciate the commitment that all of you have applied to your work over the past months, and will continue to apply in the months ahead, as we all seek to serve our students and community in the very best way possible.  This work will yield its best results if we are careful to communicate clearly and consistently about these matters through these statements as well as other channels.

Many thanks for your attention to this message, and all best wishes for the coming semester!

Jim Bennighof


Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
One Bear Place, #97014
Baylor University
Waco, TX 76798-7014

(254) 710-6500 (office)

(254) 710-3600 (fax)