The University Advisement website has a list of advising terms that you should know. The term, override, refers to action that affects enrollment in a class or course section with a restriction placed on registration.

Only authorized faculty or staff have access to approved and/or issue overrides.

Types of Overrides

  • Enrollment Capacity
  • A course section in which maximum enrollment capacity has been met or has been set to zero enrollment.
    (An Enrollment Capacity Override (ECO) can create issues when there is an active Waitlist on a section. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for instructions if an ECO must be issued to avoid creating problems with the Waitlist.)
  • Prerequisite
  • Generic, non-specific course section that overrides course prerequisite, course co-requisite, student attribute, field of study (major), classification, or degree restriction for all sections of a course.
  • Special Approval
  • Specific course section that has departmental approval, instructor approval, or registration by advisor approval. PLEASE NOTE: This override will not allow registration into a class that has met maximum enrollment capacity.
  • Time Conflict Override
  • A specific course section approved by the department that is making the adjustment to the meeting time of the student.

Some students may need multiple overrides.

Only the Enrollment Capacity Override guarantees the student will have the ability to register in the class; therefore it should not be used for a course that uses the Waitlist function.