Faculty Separations


When a faculty member is leaving your department for any reason, you will need to initiate a request to have the faculty member removed from your personnel budget. Various reasons for removal require different actions.



Voluntary Separations such as resignations or retirements are fairly straight forward. Human Resources procedures to facilitate such separate separations can be found here. Before a replacement position can be processed a letter of intent to resign or to retire must be on file in the Provost's Office.



With a retirement, consider whether the faculty member is eligible to be recommended for Emeritus Professor. That information can be found here. If you determine that you want to nominate the retiree for Emeritus Professor, send a letter to your dean who will then determine whether the recommendation should go forward to the Provost. If the Provost approves the recommendation, you must initiate a "change in title" request. This request is in addition to the request to terminate the faculty member.



Involuntary Separations must first go through HR and/or General Counsel. Once a separation agreement has been signed, you should terminate the faculty member from your department using EMS.



Faculty who do not pass pre-tenure or tenure review will be given a terminal contract. You should note the need for a terminal contract on the salary spreadsheets that are prepared in conjunction with the annual faculty contract process.



Faculty transfers occur when a faculty member leaves your department but doesn't leave Baylor. This might happen because one department splits into two or more departments, when a faculty member interviews for an open position in another department, or when a faculty member is moved from one department to another for reasons agreed upon by both departments. The departments need to follow the procedures for hiring into a position.



Though not a permanent termination, faculty may request a leave of absence. The procedures to make such a request can be found here.