Faculty Promotions/Raises

The Promotion Policy for tenure-track and tenured faculty is governed by BU-PP 702.

For tenure/promotion to associate professor and promotion to full professor, exteral letters of support are required. As soon as you know that one of your faculty is applying for promotion, you should begin the process of creating a list of acceptable external reviewers and contacting those reviewers. Often times, these letters are slow to come in, or reviewers don't respond at all.

Promotion from the rank of lecturer to senior lecturer is explained in BU-PP 716, the Policy on Lecturers and Senior Lecturers.

Merit raises are determined each year based on the faculty member's annual evaluation. The Faculty Workload and Merit Evaluation Policy (BU-PP 706) governs how various faculty workloads affect the determination of the annual evaluation and, thus, the merit raise.

In early February, Human Resource Services prepares spreadsheets by department that list all faculty members, their current salaries, rank and administrative titles. Also listed on these spreadsheets is the amount available to be awarded in total merit raises for the department. The merit raise pool is approved by the Board of Regents as part of the annual budget process. The department chair recommends a portion of the department merit pool to be allocated to each faculty member based on the annual evaluations. The Dean and Provost should be able to see a clear association between the evaluation and the merit raise recommended. After the department chairs make raise recommendations, the Dean and the Provost review the spreadsheets. The Deans and/or the Provost may make changes to the department chairs' recommendations.

On or before April 1st each year, faculty will receive an email that their Terms of Appointment are ready to view and accept. Faculty can also view, accept and/or print them at any time during the year by going to: Faculty Terms of Appointments. This web portal will also include any Summer Terms of Appointment that have been issued since 2014.