Faculty Interviews/Contract Initiation

  • If you need to hire faculty on a temporary basis or if you do not have approval to fill a regular faculty position, please contact your business manager.

  • When you are ready to invite candidates to campus, you should ensure that they meet the university's objectives in terms of academic preparations/potential and Christian commitment. Submit candidate files to the Dean's office through Interfolio for approval to interview. Dean will contact Provost for scheduling interviews once candidate has been approved. Contact Melissa Stone for questions concerning interviews.

    Please Note: Scheduling an interview may be delayed if the file is not complete.

  • For tenure-track or tenured positions, record your tenured faculty vote on the Faculty Hiring Proposal form. The hire request will not be forwarded through the system until the form is complete. Requests to hire tenured faculty should be sent prior to the submission of the hiring proposal form. This request should be sent to the Provost Office for review.

  • For tenure-track positions, if the faculty member has not completed the terminal degree, the contract generated will indicate that the faculty will be appointed as a lecturer if the degree is not conferred prior to arriving on campus.

  • Once you have received confirmation that the Provost has officially approved the hire of your candidate, it is permissible for you to contact the candidate and let him or her know a contract is being generated. You may not make an offer to the candidate--only the president or provost is authorized to do so, and it comes in the form of a contract.

  • When Human Resources sends the contract through Ignite for final approval, review all details carefully and notify HR with your approval or changes.