Faculty Position Requests

If you know what you need to do, and you just need the forms or a quick explanation of the relevant faculty employment process, check the Recruiting & Hiring Faculty. Detailed explanations about the various hiring processes are below:

Hiring faculty and staff, whether into an existing position or into a new position, requires an operational request through Bearquest, unless the filling of the position is only temporary. Different processes exist for the hiring of faculty and staff.

Regular faculty positions (not temporary) are authorized for search in the summer preceding the academic year of the search. Requests must be submitted to the deans by March 31 and then to the Provost by April 30th for review. All requests must include the June Review template form. You will need to attach this form to your BearQuest requests.

Hiring a faculty member will actually take two Bearquest requests. The first is the request to search to fill the position. When completing the Bearquest request, it is important to distinguish between replacing a current faculty member or creating a new faculty position. Click on the hyperlinked words to see Human Resources procedures for replacing a faculty position or creating a new faculty position.

What gives your request a greater likelihood of getting approved? Replacement requests are approved with the highest probability, however approval is not guaranteed. Adequate need for the position either from a course coverage perspective or research productivity perspective will need to be demonstrated. When positions become available, you should evaluate whether you need to replace the position or whether your department would be better served by using the funds in a different manner.

Requests for new positions (or positions that do not have any money) are more difficult to get approved through an operational request since very little money is available for new faculty positions. Most requests that receive an allocation of funds demonstrate a need to cover classes and that no shifting of current course offerings will make a difference. Many departments attempt to get positions this way, so the competition is very stiff.

Temporary faculty positions
Temporary faculty positions should only be used for part-time lecturers or for a maximum of two years for full-time lecturers filling a position while a search is being conducted. Full-time temporary faculty must be interviewed by the Provost's Office, even if they are to be full-time for one semester only. A complete file must be sent to the Provost's Office before the interview will scheduled.

The contract of the temporary full-time faculty member will clearly state that the faculty appointment will only be made for up to two years, and even then it is on an as-needed basis. In no event will a temporary full-time faculty member have an appointment longer than two years.

For more information, here are the procedures for hiring temporary faculty.