Faculty Hiring (Process)

1. Make faculty position requests when a position is vacated or a new line is desired. Once the new position is granted....

2. Establish a search committee.

3. Attend the chair training session hosted by the Provost’s Office (and have the search chair attend) on faculty hiring procedures.

4. Distribute OGC's Faculty Search Committees Guide to all faculty who may participate in interviewing/hosting candidates.

5. Use the pre-approved advertising templates found on the Recruiting and Hiring Faculty page when advertising the position.

6. Print and keep copies of all faculty position ads, and maintain a list of any URLs used during the search process. This is particularly important when a foreign national is hired because the ads may be used to aid the new hire in obtaining a green card.

7. Send all applicants the Affirmative Action Form (also called the Self Identification Form) and maintain a Faculty Applicant Tracking Form for each search. If applications are gathered and maintained through a third party (such as mathjobs.org or Interfolio/ByCommittee), this step is not needed as those parties collect and maintain this information for the university.

8. Conduct preliminary interviews.

9. Submit two complete candidate files to your dean's office, which will forward two copies of each file to the Provost's Office and coordinate the campus interviews. Complete files include the candidate's letter of application, Religious Affiliation form, transcript showing highest degree conferred*, curriculum vitae, Faculty Certification of Credentials form, and three professional letters of reference. If Ph.D. is in progress, an official transcript of completed Ph.D. hours will also be required.

* Official electronic transcripts are acceptable. Electronic transcripts must be requested by the candidate’s department, which must print the transcript file, including the statement of authenticity, to include in the documents sent to the Provost’s Office.

10. For candidates who are hired, their interview file becomes part of their official faculty file that is kept in the Provost’s Office. For candidates who are not hired, their interview file will be returned to the department within one year of the interview.

11. As soon as an interview has been scheduled, please submit the candidate's information in the Background Check Form to begin the background check process. Please note that an offer may NOT be extended to a candidate before the background check returns clear.

12. If you want to hire a foreign national, be familiar with the process to assemble an H1B petition. A significant amount of lead time is required to get a hire on campus by the start of a fall semester. Let the Office of General Counsel walk you through the process.

13. Once you have identified the candidate you would like to hire, complete a BearQuest to hire that person. Make sure that you print the signature form and circulate it to the tenured faculty. Submit this form to your dean.

14. Dean approves candidate and seeks the provost's approval to hire. One of two processes must be used:

(a) If no salary negotiation is required, the BearQuest request can be sent from your dean to the Provost's Office without prior approval.

(b) If salary negotiation is required, your dean must request permission in writing from the Provost's Office to conduct that negotiation. Once the negotiation is complete, your dean submits the BearQuest request (including the exact language of any addendums) to the Provost's Office for final approval.

15. Upon notice of the approved BearQuest proposal, HR generates the contract and sends it to the chair and dean for approval.

16. When the dean approves the contract, HR will send it to the candidate.

17. HR will notify the dean and department chair when the signed contract has been returned.

18. After the signed contract has been returned, contact the Budget Office to get any operational funds approved with the position added to your budget.

19. All records pertaining to a search should be kept for 3 years plus the current year. This includes interview files, ads and URL information.