Faculty Hiring (Process)

Submit faculty position requests via the template available through your business officer when a position is vacated or a new line is desired. Once the new position has been approved by the provost office...

1. Establish a search committee.

2. Establish search in Interfolio.

3. Pursue all possible means to identify and invite promising candidates to apply. This will be summarized in your submission of finalists to the Provost's office, and should not just confirm that appropriate channels have been followed, but also demonstrate that effort has been exerted to maximize the ability to locate candidates who are professionally excellent, mission-supportive, and diverse.

4. Attend the chair training sessions hosted by the Provost's office (and have the search chair attend) on faculty hiring procedures.

5. Distribute OGC's Faculty Search Committees Guide to all faculty who may participate in interviewing/hosting candidates.

6. Use the pre-approved advertising templates: External Ad Template, Internal Ad Template, Line Ad Template

7. Keep copies of all faculty position ads, and maintain a list of any URLs used during the search process. This is particularly important when a foreign national is hired because the ads may be used to aid the new hire in obtaining a green card.

8. Interfolio will secure and maintain appropriate affirmative-action information.

Refer to this document for Publications and Organizations for Job Postings. Baylor University has an institutional membership with several organizations; some of which have no cost job board announcements.

Please refer to each of the following User Guides for processes and instructions when using Interfolio for hiring faculty:

Interfolio Hiring Process Instructions - Creating a Position Requisition;
Interfolio Hiring Process Instructions - Submitting an applicant for approval to hire;
Interfolio Hiring Process Instructions - Assigning or Changing a status