Technology Inventory

It is important to keep your department's inventory of technology and equipment up to date for a couple of reasons: (1) so you have the information you need for planning and budgeting, especially when planning replacements, and (2) so that you have the information you need for insurance purposes if the equipment is stolen or destroyed.

Computers - Ivanti is the online inventory software that Baylor uses to keep track of campus computers. In general, all desktop and laptop computers in your department should be listed in Ivanti. Ivanti is installed/updated by ITS whenever a computer is delivered or moved by ITS. So, unless someone other than ITS has installed or moved a computer in your department, the record should be up to date. To review your Ivanti inventory, go to this website: Ivanti, and under Departmental Asset Reports you will be able to pull up all computers, printers and tables held in your department. Note: You may have to have permission to view these lists. If you find you don't have the permission you need, call the helpline (4357).

Computers purchased with grant funds - If you have computers that were purchased with grant funds, that fact should be noted in Ivanti. This is important because you may want to use grant funds rather than departmental funds to replace those computers when the time comes.

If you know of computers in your department that do not appear correctly in the Ivanti report, contact the Helpline (4357), for help in updating your record.

Equipment worth more than $5,000 - All equipment worth more than $5,000 is tagged at the time of purchase and entered into the University fixed-asset database. The department is responsible for keeping this equipment secure. The fixed asset accountant in the controller's office will perform an inventory of this equipment every two years. The chair will be expected to assign someone to go with the accountant to locate and count the equipment.

Other departmental technology and equipment - It is the chair's responsibility to keep an up-to-date inventory of other equipment and technology in the department. This list can help you get reimbursed in case the equipment is ever stolen or destroyed. For more information about Baylor's policy for uninsured loss click here: Manuals and Policies , and scroll down to policy 10.20, "Uninsured Loss."