Technology Purchases

Once you have the money in your budget to meet your technology needs, you can purchase your actual computers and other technology at any time.

Note: If you have questions about making a technology purchase, a good person to ask is your Academic Technology Director(ATD). You may need to submit a Research-Related Technology Planning Questionnaire to your ATD in conjunction with your intended purchase.

Buying computers -- For step-by-step instructions about how to purchase computers, visit this website: The Technology Purchasing Guidelines.

Buying non-standard equipment -- To purchase non-standard equipment, refer to the The Technology Purchasing Guidelines, or consult your Academic Technology Director.

Buying software - Visit the Software website before purchasing any software. Baylor University has purchased site licenses and/or volume licenses for many software packages. The software you need may already be available. This website shows a list of current Baylor supported software: Software Catalog.

For more information about the Technology Purchases click here: Technology Purchasing Guidelines.

For more information about technology purchasing, including who to call with questions, see this website: Technology Purchasing.